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7 Days Out Netflix – Review

7 Days Out is a Netflix documentary series that premieres now on Netflix and has, as a point of interest, the follow-up of the seven days before a major event. The preparations, anxieties, fears and worries of people who are about to make the dreams of a lifetime come true. The camera connects to these characters in a way that we become witnesses to everything that is to come – and that has the potential to change their lives (watch here).

In this way, watching the 7 Days Out is an anxiety control exercise. We have seven stories that are very different from each other, but have one single point in common: the nervousness in knowing that anything that goes wrong can ruin the whole project. We feel it together with them and it makes us as nervous as them. Such a connection is hard to come by in a documentary series.

Seven destinations

The Netflix documentary 7 Days Out shows the backstage of major events that are about to happen. For example, we follow all the preparations for Paris Fashion Week, one of the most important fashion events in the world – if not the largest. There is a lot of tension for Chanel’s haute couture show, which leaves its organizers on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Even the dummies in the world of fashion know that it is demanding and does not tolerate the slightest mistake. This is a good plot to follow.

Another event, the most important and interesting that unfold in this series talks about the approach of the Cassini spacecraft on the planet Saturn. This is a very planned event, with years and years in advance, and it also had the serious risk of sinking in case there was the tiniest problem. The 7 Days Out cameras accompany the scientists and technicians who are apprehensive about the arrival of the final date, and the delicate preparations that need to be made so that there is no mistake.

Other events of great importance are also shown in 7 Days Out. The consequences of choices made by participants of the League of Legends championship. The fears before a major horse race. The last rehearsals for a championship of dogs. The reopening of a famous restaurant. All of this is placed in front of us with an agile editing that allows us to approach the dramas of these people. When we notice, we are rooting for them.


Of course, because of this, 7 Days Out is not very suitable for those who suffer from anxiety. The apprehension that each story causes can make anyone more sensitive completely distressed. But with this we also imagine the suffering of those responsible for each of these events, and how they end up spending the days leading up to the crucial moments of their journeys.

With that, we get the feeling of being with them. With a camera that is not afraid to invade the privacies of these professionals, we suffer together with them with every mishap that needs to be solved before the final day.

The documentary series 7 Days Out, therefore, is about overcoming, and about staying calm and maintaining balance with a world of pressures around you.

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Some additional information about 7 Days Out Netflix

Synopsis 1: The world is watching. The clock is ticking. And there’s no room for mistake. A backstage pass to six extraordinaries events.

Synopsis 2: Witness the excitement and drama behind the scenes in the seven days leading up to major live events in the worlds of sports, fashion, space and food.

Age rating: 12;

Release year: 2018.


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