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Accidentally in Love Netflix – Dorama Review

It can’t be said that Accidentally in Love, new Chinese dorama available on Netflix, isn’t more of the same (watch here). The eastern productions usually use the same storyline, except for some punctual differences in the plot that try to freshen things up. The thing is that, even knowing all this, they end up being charming and mesmerizing, that is the case of this one.

The motto of Accidentally in Love is well known to the public who enjoy this kind of series. A girl and a boy end up meeting each other by chance and fall in love, but on the way they have to deal with a number of obstacles. Here, this formula is followed strictly – but the comedy blasts it presents are so amusing that, when least expected, we are hooked.

Love at second sight

Accidentally in Love follows a girl who has just escaped her marriage. She was being forced by her family to marry a guy she did not even like. To escape this lifestyle, this girl takes refuge in a university, becoming a student. All this to escape an authoritarian father, who believes he is doing everything for the girl’s sake. This disguise ends up lasting in spite of the many situations she gets involved while trying to give more credence to her pretense.

And that’s when a young boy comes in, a singer with whom she ends up getting involved. Because of the media attention he receives on top of this relationship – he is quite famous in the region – she ends up being his advisor. The climate, due to the proximity between the two, ends up increasing naturally. And finally, we follow the struggle of the two to stay together despite all the problems, and of course, the disguise she uses to escape an emotionally castrating family.

As you can see, there are echoes of “Never Been Kissed” in this series. The film, starring Drew Barrymore in the late 1990s, has become a classic of the genre for showing a woman who, to make a news article, ends up disguising as a high school girl and with that, knowing a life that she didn’t have at the time she was a student. The difference here is that the plot has been adapted to the eastern humor style, somewhat more naive, in addition to inserting other stories. Which was a good decision, since the series ends up gaining a soul of its own and standing out by its own merits. In the end, it’s a good love story at second sight.

Addicting Series

The 30 chapters of Accidentally in Love are very well assembled, which gives dynamism to the story. This is important for a comedy show, because when you have very long scenes, you end up letting go of the moment to make the audience laugh. The actors are in the right spot, they’re all very charismatic and leave their mark from the moment they enter the scene, especially the main couple. Both can be considered very cute, being together or in separate scenes.

Good actors and a tightly tied plot that make Accidentally in Love an addictive series. These dramas arriving from the East to the Netflix catalog are able to catch our attention, even when we know the scheme and bear in mind that virtually all stories are the same. This proves, therefore, that it doesn’t matter that a recipe is repeated to exhaustion: with a good hand, it is possible to surprise.

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Trailer and additional information about Accidentally in Love Netflix

Synopsis 1: She has fortune and want to hide it. He has fame and doesn’t care. The past – and each other – is what really matters.

Synopsis 2: Rejecting the demands of her wealthy family, a young woman poses as an ordinary college student and crosses path with a stoic pop star at school.

Age rating: 12

Release year: 2018


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