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Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh Netflix – Review

In Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh, a good part of the audience will have the opportunity to meet comedian (and not the actor) Adam Sandler for the first time (watch here).

It’s strange to say that, considering he has been one of the most famous actors of the last 20 years with his somewhat mindless comedies (“Little Nicky”, “Big Daddy”, “Click”, etc), besides more serious roles (“Punch-Drunk Love”, “Reign Over Me”, “The Meyerowitz Stories”). It turns out that in this special from Netflix, he goes back to his roots as a stand-up comedian. A position, by the way, that he should never have given up: his talent for tearing up laughs is much more evident here.

Of course, he does not give up many habits that he developed over the years in the movies: more often than not, he plays characters aloof to what is happening around them and that have serious problems to mature, thus being a child in an adult body. However, having a more fertile ground to create, Sandler achieves better results in his comedy. Without having a script that needs to be memorized and followed, he exceeds the expectations.

Sandler being Sandler

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh is almost a documentary, where besides watching his performances in several places of the United States, we also get to know a little bit more of his personal life. It is the first time in many years that we are not seeing a character, but the actor stripped of any mask. It’s Sandler being Sandler the whole time, without the need to incorporate another person.

And it helps us a lot when it comes to connecting to what is shown in this special. Being a familiar and well-known face, we would have problems to watch Sandler pouring jokes without remembering his past works. It is important to contextualize: what we see on screen is the actual comedian, who began his career in bars and stand-up comedy clubs before being taken to Hollywood. It is a return to the origins, which is very welcome to a career that was already beginning to show signs of weariness.

Sandler is clever at telling cases of his life in form of jokes. He is very sharp as a stage comedian, as he maintains an excellent comedy time. In addition, he also insists on playing instruments and singing songs – in most cases, parodies – composed by him and his team, who are laughing out loud. The comedian, by doing so, shows that he is still capable of tearing up laughs without appealing to the nonsense and slapstick – and even half-dated humor – that he always shows in his movies.

Salvation is on Netflix

It is known that Sandler has signed an agreement with Netflix for several productions, and Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh is part of the package. It would be interesting if the comedian, observing the success of this production, gave up making more films to fulfill the contract and invested in that stand-up format, since the result shown is infinitely better. Upon returning to his past office, he awakens a talent that seemed to be lost forever.

Therefore, the salvation for Sandler’s career may be on Netflix. Considering that his films have earned less and less income in movie theaters (a result of the kind of humor he perpetuates in his productions), the way out might be to go back to the stage and expose his life, problems and yearnings in the form of a joke to a public who loves to have fun with these subjects. It would be an interesting way to stay relevant after so many years of his career.

Trailer and additional information about Adam Sandler 100% Fresh Netflix

Synopsis 1: Adam Sandler delivers a comedy experience like no other, with an innovative style that is as funny as it is fresh.

Synopsis 2: From “Heroes” to “Ice Cream Ladies” – Adam Sandler’s comedy special hits you with new songs and jokes in an unexpected, groundbreaking way.

Age rating: 14

Release year: 2018


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