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Alexa & Katie Season 2 Netflix – Review

Whoever watched Alexa & Katie in its first season went through a roller coaster of feelings. The series, where the comedy predominates, makes fun with something delicate: cancer, which affects one of the main characters and against which she fights a hard battle. But far from using this as a ladder to make you laugh, the series shows the routine of a teenage girl with leukemia and her best friend, who doesn’t leave her. It speaks, therefore, of friendship and empathy, which already makes it an obligatory production for those who enjoy the genre of drama (watch here).

Overcoming the challenges, it’s time to continue with life. So the second season of Alexa & Katie focuses on the two girls’ lives after the cure – which does not mean that life has returned to normal because of it. All the care that is needed for those who have had leukemia are shown here in a natural, simple way and with a great dose of humor. There were those who did not believe that this series could have an interesting second season, as if all the story architected in its first batch of episodes had already been solved. They deceived themselves. “Alexa & Katie” maintains quality, and so it’s the kind of series that needs to continue to be seen.

The next day

Alexa & Katie Netflix accompany in this second season the life of the two teenagers after Alexa is considered cured of the cancer that afflicted her. This, of course, does not mean that she can fully live the life of a teenager, just like any other. It takes a lot of care, which she needs to take to keep the disease from coming back. With the help of her inseparable friend Katie, they now also have to face their sophomore year of high school, and deal with all the consequences of past events, especially from the end of the year’s prom which closed the first season of the series.

Alexa needs to know how to handle the feeling she has for her tutor. Katie is still thinking about the first kiss she’s ever had, in a stage, during a play. At the same time, there is the entire adolescent life – this fantastic time, where everything is very intense – that needs to be lived by both. After going through good and bad times, the two now want to fully live what age can offer, even with the limitations of Alexa. However, leukemia is a treacherous disease, which can come back at any time if not taken care of.

Speaking like this may seem like the series is more tense than the previous season. Wrong. Here there is a much greater lightness, because there are scenes that those accompanying Alexa & Katie would like to have seen in the previous season. For example: Alexa finally plays basketball (who saw the previous episodes know about the importance of this). There are still risks and dangers that make the series, in many moments, something rather melancholiac. But overall, good humor predominates here.

An unshakable friendship

Alexa & Katie Netflix has, as a major attraction in this second season, the deepening of the friendship between the two girls. It’s a beautiful thing to watch, no doubt. At a time when relationships are so liquid (as it is philosophically discussed nowadays), watching an “old-fashioned” bond of friendship comes to excite. The two are inseparable and their friendship is unshakable. If they have gone through such a difficult time as this disease, high school and all the implications of age are easy to solve. But is it true?

Counting on this nice story and with two absolutely charismatic characters who are always superb in the screen, Alexa & Katie here has a second season worthy of its first. The continuation of the story is simple but well developed – and one that does not fail in revealing some surprises.

Its weak point is still in the supporting cast, which is somewhat forced in several moments with performances that border the caricature. But nothing that spoils the well-armed sentimentality of a series made to cause laughter and thrill the audience.

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Some additional information about Alexa & Katie Netflix

Synopsis 1: High school’s hard. Cancer’s harder. But they’re besties, and they’ve got this – because together, they’re never alone.

Synopsis 2: Alexa is battling cancer. But with her best friend, Katie, by her side, she’s also starting high school — and ready for whatever comes next.

Age rating: Everyone;


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