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Ask the Doctor Netflix – Review

For those who always complain about health, Ask the Doctor is the ideal show, with some additional advantages (watch here). Unlike the series that we are used to watch, always treating everything so seriously and with a sense of urgency that’s on the edge of annoying – like “House” or “Gray’s Anatomy”, this production of the ABC TV network that is now streaming on Netflix treats the modern population’s health problems in a more direct, simple and objective way.

Ask the Doctor is a factual series, where both the doctors and the people portrayed are ordinary, it brings important and relevant information to anyone who is suffering from what one should call “twentieth century diseases”. Often we ourselves have these problems and don’t even know. This production puts it in plain sight.

Really do ask the doctor

Ask the Doctor is a medical series where people with relatively common problems ask questions to three doctors, who help to heal them and, at the same time give treatment indications to those who need it both “personally” as for who is watching. Most of the episodes of this season speak of quite common health disturbances and might be ignored for being confused with common symptoms: lack of sleep and appetite, itching, hair loss, etc.

In general, we think about whether it is an age issue or simply day-to-day things. In Ask the Doctor, they show that these symptoms may be deeper problems. That way, they suggest new ways to make a proper treatment to cure them, as well as giving prevention tips.

In addition, they also help to overturn some of the myths that arise over time regarding medical problems. The three are well didactic, know very well how to explain and are absolutely charismatic, dominating the show in every episode. Ask the Doctor is an addictive series – it’s impossible to stop watching it, no surprise it was very successful in its original release and it’s now ready to dominate the Netflix catalog.

Exquisite production

Technically, Ask the Doctor has a very exquisite production. The direction of the images is the least invasive possible, but still has a very interesting photography and design, superior to other series of the type. Thus, it is possible to say that within the series dealing with medical subjects without stepping the fiction grounds, this is one of the best productions airing today.

And it’s this heap of good values ​​that make Ask the Doctor a must-watch. Even hypochondriacs will feel comfortable to devour every episode because it is a production that helps elucidate rather than confuse people’s heads. Having three competent doctors leading the show, in addition to giving hard-hitting tips to simple problems, they also help to unravel the most complicated, leaving no doubts to anyone who watches.

And in a society where people have the habit of leaving health for later, Ask the Doctor does a huge favor by encouraging them to treat their bodies better. After all, you only live once.

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Trailer and images of Ask The Doctor Netflix

Age rating: 12

Release year: 2017


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