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Baby Netflix – Review of the series about teenage prostitution

When the trailer of Baby was released, there was a buzz in the Italian press, as this is the second original Netflix series entirely produced there (watch here). And it wasn’t because of a technical or casting problem, but because of its plot: many conservatives have indicated that this production glamorizes teenage prostitution, showing on the screen as if it was something worth it. The fear of these educators, journalists and parents is that, inspired by what was watched, Italian youth might want to sell their bodies to buy branded clothes. However, the series doesn’t cause this effect, even from a distance.

In fact, the six episodes of Baby show how the millennial youth in general feels empty, and so they end up facing prostitution, in fact, as a kind of adventure. This is the main plot, but the series goes much deeper in analyzing what it’s like to be young nowadays.

A Real Story

The main story of Baby is freely based on a real case occurred in Italy in 2014, which became known as “Baby Squillo”. At the time, two teenagers from Parioli, a middle-class neighborhood in Rome, were discovered in prostitution just to have enough money to afford a lifetime of luxuries such as designer clothing and electronics. The case had a huge impact on the media at the time, and the girls’ mothers were arrested.

So, in Baby, writers Antonio Le Fosse, Eleonora Cheats, Marco Raspanti, James Mazzariol and King Salvador – who form the collective called Grams – use this real story as inspiration and background for deeper analysis of what moves young people today. In addition to the two main characters, who are directly inspired by the case of 2014, we also have a huge range of supporting characters that demonstrate, in their own manner, the way of life of young people in Italy and, consequently, the rest of the world. Of course, there are some situations that are very specific for people who live in Europe, but to a lesser extent, can also be shared by people from any location.

To give more realism to this story, it would be necessary to count on a cast to match the standard. Luckily, Baby had a very fortunate choice of actors, since the message is clearly passed – only the most reactionary can see an apology for something here. Led by Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani, who play the lead roles, Baby is an often-heavy picture about how young people try to be transgressive without measuring the consequences of their acts in the future, which can lead them to a much more miserable life.

Suspense and tension

Counting, therefore, with a talented cast and a good script, Baby also has an above average technical quality. Under the direction of Andrea De Sica and Anna Negri, the series is visually very well composed, in addition to being able to keep the suspense and tension in key scenes, which reveal much more than what is being seen literally on the screen. A lot attention must be paid: there is much more to the scene than it appears.

Finally, Baby mounts all its drama on the principle that the inconsequential choices we sometimes make when young can cause serious harm in our future life. All this is shown with aptitude by the producers, and even if some episodes have a slower pace, the balance is still quite positive and is, therefore, a good drama added in the Netflix catalog.

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Trailer and additional information about Baby Netflix

Synopsis 1: In their posh world, social appearance is everything. Sick of playing by the rules, they begin a secret life without any.

Synopsis 2: Fed up with their families and classmates, two teen girls from a wealthy part of Rome are drawn to the city’s underworld and start leading double lives.

Age rating: 18;

Release year: 2018.


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