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Bad Seeds Netflix – Review

Bad Seeds is a comedy about life. And as such, it also has its highly dramatic touches, as it shows us the routine of a man with a sad past, but with a huge heart, who ends up helping six troubled teenagers reconnect with their destinies. Therefore, it is noted that it is a dramatic comedy – popularly known as “dramedy” – very effective and that has in its cast the greatest of its forces (watch here).

Created, written, directed and starred by the multi-talented Kheiron, Bad Seeds also has an autobiographical vein when dealing with the subject of immigrants. As is known, Kheiron had to flee the Islamic persecution with his family, and ended up in France, where he developed his talents for art. So, in the flashback scenes that deal with the past of the main character of this narrative, in the time of his childhood in some Middle Eastern country, he is talking about himself and showing us what his life was like. Expect, therefore, a story of redemption.

Rescuing lives

Bad Seeds talks about Wael, a young man raised by a retired lady and who lives from small scams on the outskirts. Despite being a guy who gets into trouble involving crimes, he has a huge heart and is very kind, although seeming a bit rough. By a series of factors, he ends up in a room with six teenagers who have behavioral problems. His task is to help them re-enter society and behave better when facing life’s problems. They are people who have their own dramas, and each one of them have their reasons for being rebellious. It is up to Wael, then, to help them – and with that, discover some things about himself that he didn’t know.

In addition to the fantastic interpretation of Kheiron, we also have the greatest French diva in a perfect supporting role for her: Catherine Deneuve. She plays the woman who rescued Whael during the Islamic Revolution and took him to France, taking care of him with all the love and affection of a mother. And it is through her that he ends up helping the young delinquents, because she knows that as much as he has his faults, he is also a man with a lot of compassion and life experience to help this group. Deneuve is simply fantastic on the role – she rocks when appearing on screen. There is no doubt about her talent, so much that she steals several scenes.

The script for Bad Seeds also needs to be highlighted, considering it is a very balanced mix of comedy and drama. The comic part is in the frictions of Whael with the group of adolescents, in which their world visions collide. The drama comes at a time when the main character needs to face some of the decisions he has made in his life, and also in the flashbacks where we get to know his poor and difficult childhood in the Middle East. None of this sounds forced or excessively sticky in melodramatic terms. This series’ victory reverberates in every aspect of it.

Exciting story

Despite being categorized as a comedy, Bad Seeds has an exciting and profound story. The sensitivity of Kheiron is gigantic and he does here one of his best works so far. The movie debuts at a good time on Netflix, where compassion and good feelings predominate – that’s the Christmas spirit, after all.

Therefore, Bad Seeds brings the mark of French productions, such as the mixture of comedy and drama, but also has personal elements of the author, who quite subtly criticizes the way people see immigrants in that country. It’s a funny, touching, sensitive film that deserves to be watched.

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Trailer and additional information about Bad Seeds Netflix

Synopsis 1: A small-time swindler, he’s an unlikely mentor. And in this group of wayward teens, he will meet his unlikely redeemers.

Synopsis 2: Troubled by his past, a scam artist who runs a petty racket with his adoptive mom finds redemption while mentoring a group of difficult students.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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