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Battle Netflix – Review (with soundtrack list)

The dance has a transformative power, and Battle, a Netflix original film, knows that very well. However, the feature seeks to show other biases to this background, showing how classical dance can be complemented by urban dances, such as hip-hop, for example. Despite being a fairly predictable feature on its main plot, it’s still a nice production that makes you worry and care about the fate of its characters (watch here).

There is a long tradition of films released annually that give much focus to the dance. From “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose”, released in the 80’s, to “Step Up” and its derivatives. Now, in the 2010’s decade, you just need to pay a little attention to the year’s releases to discover some new feature that tries to show the dance, or its backstage. In Battle is no different, and this is what can make it a little predictable for those who already know the quoted films.

From mediocrity to stardom

The story of Battle talks about Amalie, a classic dancer who prepares herself hard to succeed in a competition but is downright mediocre. She doesn’t have the necessary strength and “soul” that it takes to express feelings through her dance. Of course, that leaves her unmotivated, but she doesn’t give up. At the same time, she – who has a life of luxury – ends up discovering in the worst way that her rich dad is bankrupt. There are several problems to manage, so she can’t focus on her rehearsals, which now need to happen in a community center, since she no longer has the means to pay for more elegant places. At this point, she meets Mikael, who introduces her to a different way of expressing her emotions: in hip-hop dance.

The plot that develops from this is more than beaten. We know all the hardships that Amalie ends up going through, and how she can overcome them with the help of a new partner and a new way of demonstrating her talent, which ends up affecting her whole life. So, this movie had everything to be just another one inside the Netflix catalog, forgettable and cliché. This does not happen because the main couple, Amalie and Mikael, have a gigantic charisma and end up, with that, shouldering the movie.

Amalie is a spoiled girl who has a group of friends and a boyfriend who are part of her (upper) social class. When everything collapses around her and she needs to get off her high horse and get along with humbler people, she initially feels embarrassed, until she’s introduced to hip-hop, which changes her life and career. Any interpretation here could make the film go astray, but Lisa Teige, responsible for bringing Amalie to life, can transcend this and deliver a dignified and well-balanced performance. Similarly, we have Mikael, who is played by Fabian Svegaard Tapia. He also has a good deal of charisma and contributes a lot with Battle, making it work. In addition to having a great talent for dance (in fact, both are great dancers), Fabian is a competent actor who can overcome the weaknesses of his character, while showing great confidence.

Teenage plot

Battle is another film focused on the adolescent public, but that ends up hitting another target, much bigger. Because of the chemistry of the main couple, the whole production rises, and anyone can feel interested in watching the movie until the end. Of course, because it’s a feature that focuses on teenage dramas, it has a lot of clichés that can annoy the most attentive people. But in the general balance, this is not a problem at all.

And again, here there’s a demonstration of how dance can free. It is a beautiful way of expressing yourself, which causes the body as a whole to be used to convey a message. Battle tells us that it doesn’t matter if the dance is classical or popular: what really matters is to pass the emotions in the best way possible.

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Battle Netflix Soundtrack

If you want to know all the songs in the Netflix Battle movie, I recommend that you see the soundtrack album in Spotify.

Below are some of the most striking songs from the movie Battle:

What about you? Tell us your opinions of the movie Battle Netflix. What were the strengths and weaknesses of the movie?

Trailer and additional information about Battle Netflix

Synopsis 1: The right steps. The wrong attitude. But then she shares the dance floor with a new partner, and the rhythm of love takes over.

Synopsis 2: After Amalie’s dad goes bankrupt, the young dancer’s affluent life collapses. But she finds a new beat to follow after meeting hip-hop dancer Mikael.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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