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Beat Bugs Season 3 Netflix – Review

The animated series Beat Bugs has the power to delight children and adults for a very simple reason: the use of The Beatles songs in their episodes (watch here). While children are amused by the adventures of five insect friends that learn more and more about life, the grown-ups may enjoy references to the songs of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison spread throughout the script of each episode, and with the reinterpretations – mostly fantastic – of the Liverpool’s quartet songs.

The success was so obvious that, of course, this story has gained more seasons. The third one is now premiering, and it came neatly. The elements that made the success of Beat Bugs are still there, but now with new adventures. It is impossible not to get carried away by the songs and the characters, so friendly and charismatic. This is the kind of animation that, honestly, can’t go wrong: the elements that compose it are too good.


The story itself remains simple enough. Jay, Crick, Walter Walrus, Buzz and Kumi are five friends who live in a backyard that becomes their own world. They face all the problems together, where they learn more about fellowship and friendship, besides going through adventures that always bring lessons they’ll treasure for all their life. This third season accentuate these situations, delving into themes that were already seen in previous seasons. Adults can notice this repetition, but children certainly won’t have any problem with it.

The biggest attractive here, without a doubt, are the musical numbers. If previously the Beatles songs were performed by music industry heavyweights like Pink and Sia, here is no different. Several singers can lend their voices to famous Beatles songs in brand new arrangements, mostly made by Daniel Johns – well-known member of the band Silverchair. And, unlike what happens when a project aims to use famous songs in a different way, here they are organically attached to the story being told. In addition, the songs’ production and interpretation are great.

All this is the continuation of producer Josh Wakely’s project, who is also the creator of Beat Bugs. The idea was to bring Beatles music to new generations in a playful way, with a story about friendship that charmed children. This new season proves that he has achieved this goal, because rarely has an animation achieved such a positive result, in this aspect, than this one.


The third season of Beat Bugs features emblematic Beatles songs, such as “Revolution” or “O-bla-di, O-bla-da”, which are widely known as classics in the history of music. The production excels in rearrangements and interpretations, giving a new face to these works without distorting them. Beat Bugs, by the way, achieves the prowess of being one of the productions that makes best use of these songs.

And no doubt this is a great achievement. However, for the children’s luck, Beat Bugs is not just about that. The story of the five friends is very pretty, well written and with a very competent dubbing interpretation. The third season is a must-watch for every age, giving the responsibility of bringing good messages with great timeless music.

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Images and additional information about Beat Bugs Netflix

Synopsis 1: Timeless tune made famous by the Beatles inspire bug-sized stories with big lessons for little ones.

Synopsis 2: With songs made famous by the Beatles, five friendly bugs learn big lessons about the world around them – all from the safety of their own backyard.

Age rating: Everyone

Release year: 2016


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