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Been So Long Netflix – Review

A bittersweet feeling dominates Been So Long, the new movie to join the Netflix catalog. This is because, despite being a musical, its dramatic plot draws attention, especially when we realize that the problem faced by the main character can happen to anyone, anytime.

Who has never been in doubt about investing time and feelings in a great passion?

This Netflix original production is ​​set in London and shows a dilemma in the life of a woman with closed doors to love, but that when meeting a young man who until then was just a stranger, began to wonder if it was worth giving up a relationship in the name of a supposed stability. It’s a perfect theme for a musical, isn’t it?

A difficult dilemma

The main character in Been So Long is Simone, a woman who has a small daughter for whom she grows true devotion, but that considers herself closed to love affairs. Everything changes when a stranger, who’s in love with her, begins to be a part of her life. Despite feeling the same, she tries to resist for fear of hurting herself, since it had happened before in her life. We are, therefore, following her attempts to get away from this feeling while also taking care of her daughter.

Simone is played by Michaela Coel, well known to the public for her performance in “Chewing Gum” and the most famous episode of “Black Mirror”, “USS Callister”. She is a rising star, who has established herself as an excellent actress and that here gains her first leading role in a movie. Besides needing to interpret this strong and determined woman, she also releases her voice with exquisite talent. In fact, Coel is an excellent singer and delivers in Been So Long, giving life to songs that can be considered “difficult” to sing.

Her character is shown in the middle of a difficult dilemma and demonstrates that in her songs. The movie itself is a charming musical, it’s delightful to watch as we identify with Simone and her questions right away. In addition, we also have compassion for her situation with her daughter, who she cares as a single mother.

Small details

Been So Long is a charming movie with charismatic characters, but small details hinder the development of the plot. The direction of Tinge Krishnan slips in the more elaborate musical scenes that require the presence of supporting actors/actresses and dancers, since it gets lost in the middle of so many people. At this point, it probably lacked a bit of experience in the genre to make the scenes more fluid.

There is also a small developmental problem, because in the middle of the movie it seems like things are a bit stagnated, the characters included, having little to no development. However, this improves as we approach the climax, where Simone needs to make the crucial decisions for herself and her daughter, so the drama intensifies, making the story move on again. However, to get there, it can be a bit tiring, despite the great songs.

Anyway, Been So Long is a good pastime for a late afternoon. Those who like musicals will fall in love with the songs that are greatly composed and performed. It’s a harmless fun that has its merits to win the audience.

Trailer and additional information about Been So Long Netflix

Synopsis 1: She’s a single mom. He’s fresh out of prision. Theis chemistry’s undeniable – but are they ready for love? A modern musical.

Synopsis 2: A single mother in London’s Camden Town hears music when she meets a handsome stranger with a past. But she is not sure she’s ready to open her heart.

Release year: 2018


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