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Best Worst Weekend Ever Netflix – Review

The youthful adventure gives the tone of Best Worst Weekend Ever, which has a contagious teenage freshness for both who are this age group and for adults that, if they want to risk, will end up finding a very entertaining comedy in the tone of 80’s John Hughes’ best works (watch here).

It is clear that the comparison of this Netflix new series with the eighties classics such as “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” or “Sixteen Candles” must obey its due proportions. Hughes is incomparable – but the spirit is emulated in this production. The somewhat naive mood joins the typical problems of those who are growing up and learning more about the importance of friendship, forming this set of funny and often touching episodes.

The best weekend

It all starts with the proximity of the end of the holiday. Four friends have to deal with the fact that they will enter high school and need to take advantage of the last weekend they have before going to school. Along with that, there is their desire to get to know their idol that will be in Comic Con. Putting together these two facts, they decide to take advantage of the last days of “freedom” before time runs out. But, of course, before that happens, they end up getting involved in a lot of problems in what’s supposed to be the best weekend ever.

If it was a conventionally released movie, Best Worst Weekend Ever would have a special place in matinee movie sessions. It’s a delightful, light-hearted series that captures a youthful spirit of adventure that enchants anyone, whether young or old. The main quartet gets into a lot of confusions that start with a party that goes awry – and that generates some of the best scenes of this season.

From there, they face a series of problems that need to be resolved quickly so that they can achieve their goals, and of course, there are people who want to prevent this from happening, such as two Comic Con guards who act in a way, let’s say, weird – and hilarious as well.

A talented quartet

The four young actors who star in Best Worst Weekend Ever have their moments of brilliance. In particular, we must highlight the performance of Sam Ashe Arnold, who acts as the leader of this group of shy nerds. He is the guy who makes everything happen and who takes the plot forward because it is through him that all the actions and consequences of this crazy weekend happen. Arnold doesn’t seem to be younger than 15 years old, since he dominates the screen with very much charisma and with a great comedy timing. He’s a prodigy. Not that the other screen companions are behind in this question. Everyone draws attention as a group and individually.

That’s why this series deserves to be seen regardless of age. It entertains a lot and reminds one of the old classics, when the humor was even more naive. It also brings the importance of valuing friends and unity, and even though it has a comedic bias, it can even thrill.

Best Worst Weekend Ever is the kind of production destined to gain some more seasons.

Trailer and additional information about Best Worst Weekend Ever Netflix

Synopsis 1: Three days till high school. One chance to meet their hero. So many ways their brilliant plan could go wrong.

Synopsis 2: Teenage friends plan an epic trip to Comic-Con to meet their idol, only to get caught in one hilariously awkward predicament after another.

Age rating: 10

Release year: 2018


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