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Bodyguard Netflix – Review

Bodyguard was a huge success when screened by the BBC. Now with the arrival of the production to the Netflix catalog, it could gain worldwide attention. The story, by itself, is excellent and has enormous relevance for today’s society because it deals with so-called protection policies, but that excludes people and generates war in poor countries that, in the end, become increasingly poorer – and easy to master.

Against this background, we have the story of a security guard who fought in one of those wars spurred on by the UK and that now needs to protect the country’s prime minister, who was the main cause of all the ills he suffered on the battlefield. It’s a dilemma he must face, since this politician is all he despises the most. That’s where the brilliance of Bodyguard stands.

Red alert

This six-episode miniseries features, first, an internal fight by David Budd, played by Richard Madden – known to many as Robb Stark from “Game of Thrones”. While being aware that he needs to fulfill his duty as a professional security, he also strongly despises the policy of Prime Minister Julia Montague, who is played by Keeley Hawes. This storyline is inspired by situations that have taken place in England a few years from now, with increased warmongering and prejudice against people from Muslim countries.

At one point, Budd is assigned to serve as a bodyguard for the veteran politician, which he really dislikes. And that is where his dilemmas begin: knowing that she’s sparked a conflict in the Middle East, in which he was wounded and almost killed, only by strategic interests in politics, he must deal with the fact that his work is to keep this woman alive. And as it is known that hatred attracts hatred, she suffers from attacks and threats of elimination.

In the six chapters of Bodyguard, we can follow the dimension of this problem. Budd is a bitter person who suffers from the aftermath of the war he attended, where he saw companions dying over nothing. Montague, on the other hand, is an ambitious politician that has several prejudices hidden behind the mask of “protecting her country”. The encounter between creator and creature happens in the middle of a red alert, where the life of the prime minister is at risk.

Admittedly realistic

Bodyguard has an excellent production, in which realism dominates. All action sequences are very well executed and edited, leaving the audience excited at the hooks in the end of each episode. By being able to maintain the mood of thrill and urgency from the beginning to the end, this admittedly realistic miniseries becomes an addictive product, like so many others that are part of the Netflix catalog. When it starts, it’s simply impossible to turn it off until the end comes.

Merits of Jed Mercurio, producer and screenwriter of Bodyguard. By fictionalizing important real-life themes in the UK, he places the viewer in the position of a companion to the political intrigues that cost lives, and the dilemma between protecting or eliminating the person who is causing chaos in people’s lives just to climb the political hierarchy. With such a thriller, anyone who ventures to marathon it will not have any regrets.

Trailer and additional information about Bodyguard Netflix

Synopsis 1: He fought bravely in Afghanistan. But the horrors of war were nothing compared to what he’ll face at home.

Synopsis 2: After helping thwart a terrorist attack, a war veteran is assigned to protect a politician who was a main proponent of the very conflict he fought in.

Release year: 2018


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