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Brainchild Netflix – Review

Brainchild is a series for someone who is quite curious, and likes to know how everything works, from the universe creation to the famous 5-Second Rule (the one that says that if a food falls on the floor, you have exactly that time before the germs spoil it). Watch here.

This production of Pharrell Williams is aimed at the young audience; however, even adults can get addicted to this work because it deals with subjects that are of general interest. After all, it’s impossible not to like to know how things work, right?

This series has everything to become a great success, mainly for remembering, in its foundations, the classic “Beakman’s World”, that’s remembered to this day by the children who grew up watching tv shows during the 90’s. The difference is that here the absurd contextualization (there is no crazy scientist, or a man dressed as a mouse to help him) is left out. Now there is a more realistic situation: a host guides the viewers through the mysteries of our Universe.

Science of everyday life

Throughout the episodes of Brainchild, we get to know the gearing of things in a light and fun way. But we do not just go through the scientific paths – regarding the mysteries of the Universe itself – but also through the simple things of our daily life. For example: Have you ever stopped to think about how social media works? How does our brain process emotions?

These questions are answered with a lot of humor, as well as having fascinating looks. Brainchild is the typical well-finished product, where editing and small practical effects are crucial to its success. The production excels in this sense, giving a welcome agility for each action presented. All this commanded by Sahana Srinivasan, who commands the series lavishing charisma. It gives samples of everyday life science, that is, things that we hardly perceive but that are always there.

One of the greatest insights of this series is to put into practice all the “lessons” that appear on the screen. With this, children are taken to a restaurant where the food is made in a not very hygienic way to feel the sensation of eating something done anyhow, subject to worm’s infestations. Of course, it is all staging, nothing is really being done in that way, but that’s the impression. With that we also learn: what the eye sees the heart grieves over. And the stomach too.

Always interesting

Brainchild, therefore, is a good fun for growing children, but also for the more curious parents who like to watch such programming with them. The series does not get tiresome at any time, serving as an almanac of curiosities, teaching various subjects that are approached in a less objective way in schools. Therefore, everyone wins by accompanying their episodes, because the production adds a gigantic knowledge in people’s lives.

By always being interesting, in Brainchild time flies. Their episodes always seem shorter than they really are – and that’s a huge advantage, because it shows that when an audiovisual product entertains, we do not even notice the time passing. Here’s an idea of ​​something to be explained in an eventual second season…

Trailer and additional information about Brainchild Netflix

Synopsis 1: Fun facts. Life hacks. Games and hilarious experiments. And a super-smart host, and it’s science like you’ve never seen before.

Synopsis 2: From germs and emotions to social midia and more, it’s the cience of your world explained in a way that’s refreshingly relatable.

Age rating: Everyone

Release year: 2018


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