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Castlevania Season 2 Netflix – Anime review

The first season of Castlevania came as a surprise to the Netflix catalog last year. Only those who regularly followed the streaming platform news knew that it was coming, but most people were surprised. When watching the full season, the surprise was even greater: a good quality animation, with impeccable voice work!

Therefore, the expectation for the second season was enormous. For those who do not remember, Castlevania was a very famous videogame game since the 1980s, available on various systems. So, one can imagine that several generations have been waiting for a decent adaptation to the audiovisual media, and when this finally happens, the continuity of quality becomes mandatory. Luckily, Netflix did not disappoint in this second season, continuing the bloody vampire story with praise.

A stormy relationship

The second season of Castlevania focuses on the stormy relationship between Trevor Belmont and Adrian Tepes, respectively, a monster hunter and the son of Dracula also known as Alucard. The hook left by the previous season final episode is unhurriedly developed in this new installment of chapters, giving us bloody action and increasing pressure on the relationship of these two men until the inevitable confrontation.

It is also in this season that some good surprises appear. One of them, for example, is the appearance of Hector, a character from one of the classic Castlevania games called Curse of Darkness. As it is a long series of games, it is natural that in the production of the animation some characters from each of these stories, which have been produced by Konami since 1986, would appear. Moreover, the quality of the animation itself also improved a lot compared with the first season. Not that it was bad, but it was quite visible that it was sort of an audience test: if it was “approved”, it would be improved. That’s what happened.

In addition, the voice acting in Castlevania remains spectacular. The cast was greatly chosen to give life to these classic characters who have made huge success among anyone who’s had a videogame in the last 30 years. Richard Armitage, who plays the voice of Trevor Belmont, is particularly outstanding. With a guttural timbre that transmits a sense of emergency and danger, Armitage nails the characterization, delivering a complex character where few moments of hesitation are latent in his voice.

A precious product

The second season of Castlevania, therefore, has everything to become yet another great Netflix success. By delving deeper into the relationships between the main characters, the series takes on unexpected and increasingly tense directions, leaving those who are watching with the same sensation. Although in the middle of the season the story may seem stagnated, something somewhat common in Netflix productions, its final episodes are phenomenal, and make up for that flaw.

It is possible to say that Castlevania is a precious product in the catalog, a jewel to be discovered. Who likes animations that escape the “cuddly” theme that is so in vogue and who likes things denser, this production is the best choice.

Trailer and additional information about Castlevania Netflix

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2017


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