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Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro Netflix – Review

Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro, as its name clarifies, is a production linked to “Club de Cuervos”, a series that shows the backstage of soccer with a comedy bias (watch here). Therefore, this is one of the subjects in this spin-off, but it’s not the only one. Thankfully, the humor style used for this production is excellent, and it would be a shame if it was restricted to just one theme.

Here, we follow the career of a soccer player who needs to go to Argentina for his brother’s wedding. Because it is a “mockumentary”, that is, a false documentary, we see this peculiar fellow who has the ego of the size of the world trying to relate to other people who barely know him – and who knows who he is doesn’t like him. It is a comedy of surreal situations that can certainly fall in the popular taste.

Do you know who I am?

We follow the production of the series within the series called “I, Potro” about the soccer player of the same name. He, who is one of the players of Club de Cuervos, ends up having bad news about his contract at the same time he learns that his brother is getting married. Therefore, he leaves Mexico and heads to Argentina, where his family resides, to participate in the celebration.

It turns out that Potro is a person with a gigantic ego and can’t see how uninteresting and unpalatable he is. The documentary team that accompanies him catches moments of pure secondhand embarrassment, of which he always tries to come out on top. This is the greatest of Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro: it presents several similarities with films like Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat”. It leaves people around the main character completely embarrassed.

The difference may be in the fact that, here, everything is staged as a fake documentary. In “Borat”, only he is fictional, the people who interact with him are real. However, in this series this is no depreciation at all: we feel our face blush with awkwardness every time Potro tries to pull rank with lines such as “do you know who I am?” and being completely ignored afterwards. In addition, the situations he causes in the marriage celebration itself are among the funniest of the latest Netflix releases. It is, in fact, a series that can’t be missed.

Awkward is funny

Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro bets on turning shame into laughs. The various embarrassments that the main character experiences and makes other people go through are what makes the audience laugh. These are tremendous absurdities, but we find it amusing because we understand that this narcissistic, clueless football player is really brainless. These attitudes match with him, and can be expected from a person with his personality.

The producers understood this very well and nailed the scenes where he is in an awkward position. The goofiness get progressively bigger and he ends up practically ruining all the places he passes through. The series accompanies this guy who must also face the fact that the brother, who is getting married, is a real successful football player, unlike him. This arouses envy and, consequently, the egocentric soul of Potro. And from there even more funny situations arise.

Undoubtedly, Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro can’t be missed by those who like a comedy show full of secondhand embarrassments. It’s sure to delight the viewer in all its episodes.

Trailer and additional information about Club de Cuervos Presents: I, Potro Netflix

Synopsis 1: He doesn’t have an invitation to his brother’s wedding. Instead, he arrives with a burgundy suit, dance moves and an identity crisis.

Synopsis 2: Former Club de Curvos player Potro returns home to Argentina to crash the wedding of his famous soccer-star brother and confront his estranged family.

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2018


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