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Daredevil Marvel Netflix – Review

Daredevil, this hugely successful series that now comes to its third season on Netflix (watch here), proves to still have stamina to delight new and old fans. With a script full of twists and almost unrestrained action, the production reaches the third year magnifying its main character, which has an outstanding charisma – and therefore, conquers any audience, as we have already noticed in the previous seasons.

However, it is in this new series of chapters that we see the hardening of the themes, which become increasingly dark and lead the protagonist to make difficult choices. Based on the arc “Born Again”, one of the character’s most celebrated, we face a new hero, who is the result of his choices and his recent past.

Hiding from the world

The plot of Daredevil begins shortly after the events that appeared in “The Defenders,” a series that linked Marvel characters that have their own series on Netflix: besides the blind hero, we have Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. We find Matt Murdock trying to hide from everything, reluctant to dress up as Daredevil again and face crime in the city. However, his great antagonist Wilson Fisk comes out of jail, still proving to be a threat to him and to the entire population. From this we follow the moral dilemmas of Murdock, who does not want to be known as a hero and tries, at all costs, to wear again the uniform of Daredevil.

With such a plot, it is obvious that this is something much less colorful than the previous two seasons. Not that they were flamboyant and cheerful: Daredevil was known to be very violent and bring a mordant, almost fatalistic humor. Its protagonist, Matt Murdock, is not exactly a nice guy. So in this third part of the hero’s saga, we see how much he tries to escape this stereotype, especially after what happened in his recent past (which can be seen in “The Defenders”, a great series, by the way).

Fortunately, the charisma of Charlie Cox, Murdock/Daredevil interpreter, ties everything together at all times. The actor is very charismatic and manages to carry the whole series on his shoulders, based on the ability to arouse empathy even in unpleasant moments. His doubts as to whether or not to remain a heroic punisher are very credible, as we perceive in the face of his interpreter that these questions surround his mind. Since the character is blind, it takes even more talent from Cox to express these emotions.

A sensational match

Fortunately, Daredevil maintains its quality also in its production values. Keeping the already known atmosphere, it gives us the impression of going back to a dark, but strangely recognizable place with this returning season. In addition, the antagonist is played by Vincent D’Onofrio, an outstanding actor who has several iconic supporting roles in the cinema (as in “Full Metal Jacket” by the master Stanley Kubrick) who, unfortunately, is underappreciated on the big screen. Here, he has room to shine and create a sensational clash with Murdock.

It is safe to say that Daredevil, in its third season, doesn’t fix what isn’t broken. Keeping it cohesive with its two previous seasons, this new batch of chapters only increases our interest in the saga of this hero that, even being weird, proves to be one of the most interesting Marvel characters to snatch the screens, whether being the big ones or not.

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Age rating: 18

Release year: 2018


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