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The series Diablero is now on Netflix, which has a premise that interests a lot who likes series that has to do with the supernatural. There may even be comparisons with “Supernatural”, one of the longest running shows on American TV. However, this production is Mexican, the first of Netflix in the country with a more fanciful content (watch here).

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And this, by no means, can be regarded as a negative point. The production of Diablero delivers in every way, bringing a well tied product in all aspects. From art direction to acting, everything is in place in Diablero, for the luck of the viewers who like this theme.

A priest on the hunt

The story of Diablero is based on a book by F. G. Haghenbeck, who receives here a very faithful adaptation. He tells the story of Padre Ventura, who searches for the famous demon hunter named Elvis Infante, because he knows that Mexico City, where he lives, is infested with evil beings trying to corrupt the souls of the citizens. Next to them is also a girl named Nancy, who becomes a sort of helper of the two in search of the demons that roam the city. Only Elvis, known in the place as Diablero, also has his personal interests in these quests: there is a black market for demon trading, which are used especially in the world of underground fights.

diablero netflix serie mexicana sobrenatural 02Diablero, in this way, seems quite bizarre, but there is no difficulty in following its story. The direction is very simple and tries not to invent fashion when capturing the scenes of action, that don’t confuse who watches, which in itself already is a great positive point. The whole plot of the priest who goes hunting for the demons that walk freely in Mexico City, accompanied by two experienced “collectors” of evil beings, holds a lot of attention and makes this series become, especially after the second chapter, impossible to drop.

There is one plus point that needs to be highlighted though. The production as a whole deserves all the possible applause. The art direction and makeup are dazzling: without any technical overkill, it seems very realistic. Most of the special effects are also well placed, which prevents us from having a false sense of background in the scenarios, for example. You can notice the investment of Netflix in leaving Diablero well finished.

And there’s more

In addition, Diablero also has good performances by Christopher Uckermann – known for his role in “RBD” – that can take off his figure of the character that he played in this novel. Here he does a very circumspect, serious priest, and who in no way remembers his previous persona, who is still the best known of the public. The rest of the cast also has its highlights: this is a series that allows everyone to have their moment of brilliance.

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Thus, Diablero is a great production for those who have an interest in these supernatural themes, and also has plenty of plot to hold the attention of the audience. Worth to watch, without a doubt, even more at this end of year time, when there is time to quietly marathon any production that is worthy. This is the case.

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Trailer and additional information about Diablero Netflix

Synopsis 1: Demons walk among everyday citizens, and the angels took off long ago. Who’s left to save humanity? Meet your heroes.

Synopsis 2: When a young girl goes missing in a big city, a desperate priest joins a demon hunter and his motley crew on an otherworldly mission to find her.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.

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