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Dogs Netflix – Review

Nothing can be more exciting than Dogs, the new Netflix documentary series (watch here). Anyone with some feelings know that stories that involve the unconditional love that dogs cherish for humans are emotional, especially when dealing with extreme situations. In this project that the streaming platform makes available to the public, we see six stunning stories about how these animals are capable of changing people’s lives, which in turn are capable of unexpected attitudes because of them.

The stories shown in Dogs are totally true, and for that reason they are quite shocking. They also show how much animals are companions, often more than humans themselves. And of course, cute animals help create a gigantic empathy with the audience.

Dogs is a simple series, it’s six episodes only, but they can capture the emotion and decency of these animals in a unique way, as well as show how humans cling to them, making them part of the family.

Genuine Feelings

Dogs is a series that aims to show how these animals can change people’s lives in ways they never expected. One of the stories depicted portrays the struggle of a man who needs to rescue his dog, who is trapped in the midst of a civil conflict in Syria. In showing this struggle, we may feel that the attitude of seeking this animal during a war is not random: it is an important part of this guy’s life. The desire not to see the dog suffering from the bombings causes him to face this conflict in order to recover it. It’s a genuine feeling, and for that very reason, very beautiful.

There are other stories that we follow in Dogs, like the one that shows dogs that are bred to help blind children walk safely down the street, becoming the eyes of these people, plus an exhilarating excerpt about a man who owns a dog that, already old, is about to pass. The animal was part of the lives of several people in the family, and he feels that it may be time for it to leave. Honestly, there’s no way you can’t get emotional.

The structure of Dogs is quite simple: being a conventional documentary, it shows interviews with the people who own the dogs, interspersed with beautiful images of the animals playing, interacting, walking … for those who are animal lovers, this project is simply unmissable. And for those who do not like it that much, it is an opportunity to know better about the so-called “man’s best friend”, and why they are called this way: the companionship and the friendship they show for their owners is moving.

Rivers of tears

For the most sensitive people, Dogs can be a river of tears. That’s because, unfortunately, not all stories end with a happy ending. But that’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes things do not end with everyone smiling on the edge of a lake at sunset. In this sense, this documentary series accurately portrays the life cycle of a domestic animal, to which we cling and treat as our own children.

Many of those interviewed in Dogs follow this understanding and treat their animals as a child of their own. And, in fact, it’s how they should be treated. The series shows how there are good people who treat their dogs with decency and care, and all this is reciprocated with unconditional love that they convey through the affection and attention they devote to those who care.

Dogs, therefore, is a must-watch, a perfect show for anyone who knows that these animals are even more human than many people wandering around.

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Synopsis 1: Eloquent portraits of reunion, healing and second chances. Heartwarming tales of dogs that mirror our own stories.

Synopsis 2: These six intimate stories explore the abiding emotional bounds that form between dogs and their caregivers, no matter the circumstances.

Release year: 2018


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