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F is for Family Season 3 Netflix – Review

To the delight of fans, F is for Family returns to its third season even sharper than the previous ones (watch here). This Netflix production, recognized by its acid portrait of the 70’s and by the politically incorrect, gains a new batch of episodes precisely because of its enormous success with the public, that will not be disappointed with the continuation of the story of Frank Murphy and his nonsense family.

Of course, F is for Family is a satire to the so-called “good men” from America – and consequently, from anywhere on the planet – who are self-righteous and maintain a “traditional family” appearance, and that’s it: appearance. This social critique gives the production its fame, that deservedly received a green light from Netflix to keep going.

Cars, controversies and more

The series, written by Bill Burr and Michael Price – respectively, an excellent actor and comedy writer and a veteran author of “The Simpsons” – continues with its focus on the startling ’70s, where the notion of politically correct hardly existed. The central character is Frank Murphy, who carries the voice of Burr. He is a middle-class guy, married and the father of three children, whom he does not give a damn about, mostly because he’s almost always very busy watching TV. This season, we continue to follow the suburban life of his family, which creates situations as controversial as they are funny.

There is no doubt that the humor style used in F is for Family is designed both to make one laugh and to think: there is, in all the absurdity of this potentially dysfunctional family an element of criticism that makes obvious parallels with society’s current situation in general. Many people still act like Frank Murphy and consider themselves always right because “that’s the way a man should act”. The series has exposed this even harder in season three, reinforcing the stereotype of the “family man”.

In addition, Bill Burr’s passion for cars remains quite evident in F is for Family. He, who is addicted to Ford models, continues to use them in his stories, so that they are almost official characters of the show. Almost all characters know the origins of their vehicles and treat them as if they were family. Even unintentionally, this can also be seen as a criticism.

Famous voices

The third season of F is for Family returns sharper than ever in its humor, and also keeps some gems in its voice casting, which makes its characters even more entertaining. For example, actress Laura Dern, known to the public for films like “Jurassic Park”, continues to give life to Frank’s wife, Sue. In addition to it, Justin Long, Haley Reinhart, Debi Derriberry voice their children, while Sam Rockwell, winner of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor of 2017 for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing”, voices the cocaine abuser neighbor that arouses the envy of Frank.

With such a cast it’s hard to do wrong. The screenplay of F is for Family is sensational, it’s acid in the right measure while representing with total fidelity the crazy 70’s in the United States. The series continues to deserve to be seen – and we can only hope that Netflix continues to renew its seasons.

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Trailer and additional information about F is for Family Netflix

Synopsis 1: Dad’s a powder keg. Mom’s a basket case. And there three little angels are becoming master con artists. Welcome to 1973.

Synopsis 2: Follow the Murphy family back to the 1970s, when kids roamed wild, beer flowed freely and nothing came between a man and his TV.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2017.


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