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Frontier Season 3 Netflix – Review

Few Netflix productions are as strong and visceral as Frontier, which now comes to its third season (watch here). In addition to this, it features an actor who is increasingly in evidence, and at this year’s end reaches his peak in the cinema starring “Aquaman”: Jason Momoa left the supporting roles’ near irrelevance and went for stardom. In this series he is imposed as the strongest name of the cast.

Not that it means he’s a good actor. Momoa is quite limited, but just like Dwayne Johnson or Jason Statham, he has a powerful charisma and screen presence. With this, he manages to take Frontier farther than any other interpreter in the same position. However, in this new season his talents are much more demanded, but in the end doesn’t disappoint.

Rough production

This third season of Frontier shows the complications of the alliance that Declan Harp, Momoa’s character, is forced to do to fight an enemy too big for him to defeat. Before continuing, it will be needed to enlighten you, the reader, who still doesn’t know what the series is about: it shows the fight for the fur trade on the border between the United States and Canada in the eighteenth century, where everything was settled based on the fight with sharp weapons. Harp is, therefore, a fur trader who needs get by on his own to stay in business, and that includes starting a war with his competitors, which have formed sort of a monopoly that he has to fight.

For that, in this new season the talent of Jason Momoa is in evidence. It would not be enough just to have a good presence and be a charismatic guy to give weight to the drama that his character begins to face with the hardening of the border war. It would be necessary to go further, which in parts, he manages to. Although he is not able to escape from certain acting tics, which are visible in all his works (especially in the terrible “Justice League”, released in 2017), as attempts to always sound like an ironic guy with laughter contained, he excelled in comparison to the previous seasons.

Fortunately, Frontier has a very competent supporting cast that helps to hold the plot. Zoe Boyle, Katie McGrath, Jessica Matten and others continue to steal the scene whenever they can, since the action is very concentrated on Momoa’s character. The climate of a rough production, always dirty and visceral, also continues to please those who like realism, because it is close enough to the historical reports of that time.

Impressive visuals

And by the way, if there is something interesting that this third season of Frontier manages to bring is its impressive visuals. The production design is flawless, which shows that the partnership between Netflix and Canada’s Universal Television has excelled in this sector. The fights are bloody and very well choreographed and directed, being this the high point of the series.

The plot, which gets more complicated from this new season, also enhances the result as a whole. The moral dilemmas that Declan Harp goes through by allying himself with his enemies to combat greater evil, and the constant anxiety of being betrayed by them, transforms this new batch of Frontier episodes into a tense and very rewarding experience.

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Trailer and additional information about Frontier Netflix

Synopsis 1: The land offers a boundless suply of pelts. All they need to exploit it are greed, brutality and a flair for treachery.

Synopsis 2: In 18th-century North America, ruthless trappers and entrepreneurs fight to wrest control of their fur trade from the mighty Hudson’s Bay Company

Age rating: 18;

Release year: 2018.


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