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Fugitiva Netflix – Review

The first season of Fugitiva is tense from beginning to end. The production doesn’t waste much time with explanations of “how?” And “why?” – it gives the necessary information for the viewers to understand the context of the drama and then throws them in a carousel of crimes, bombings, shootings and action. Nevertheless, the series can’t be categorized as a product of action itself – what dictates the course of the characters is the drama, especially of the main character, who must defend her children from a violence that none of them has any participation, but of which they are easy prey (watch here).

Therefore, Fugitiva is a drama filled with action scenes that keeps the tense atmosphere due to the unpredictability of events. If at one point everything seems to be calmer, something soon happens to completely erase that impression. It is a roller coaster of situations, which we accompany, afflicted, until its bombastic end.

Life risk

Fugitiva tells the story of Magda, who is married to Alejandro, a wealthy and powerful man, from whom she suffers constant abuse. Despite this, she remains married to him on behalf of her three children that she wants to protect at all costs. However, a war between factions puts everyone’s lives at risk. As is usual in situations like this, when it is intended to hit a person’s life, the attack is not plotted against them, but against their loved ones. So, the assassins of the rival faction were hired to eliminate Magda and her children.

Magda is portrayed by Paz Vega, a well-known Spanish actress who worked with Pedro Almodóvar in the classic “Talk to Her”, winner of the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay in 2003. As always, she proves to be an excellent actress, starting the plot as a fragile and dependent woman, but that is transformed when defending her children. The title refers to her, in the escape of the men who were hired to kill her, and also of Alejandro, who is an aggressive husband who physically abuses her whenever possible.

By living in the skin of this dense character, Paz Vega enhances her curriculum delivering a beautiful performance. The actress was somewhat away from the media, restricting herself to local jobs in her native Spain. Now that Fugitiva, which is a series originally produced for Spanish TV, earns the world through Netflix, everyone can watch this great production. Beyond her, of course, the series has other attractions that also make it worth watching its 70-minute episodes. The performance of the supporting characters, for example, with the remarkable Julio Bracho as Alejandro and Mercedes Sanpietro as Eleonora. The two steal the spotlight constantly, maintaining the atmosphere of mystery that surrounds the story of this evidently dysfunctional family.

A prime direction

It is good to note that Fugitiva has a prime direction and script. The series created by Joaquín Oristrell manages to always maintain the attention focusing in this constantly threatened family nucleus, always keeping some surprises to shock the public unexpectedly. In this way, it manages to keep the interest of the spectator, connecting them to the destiny of these characters, who are not exactly saints.

Thus, Fugitiva proves to be a good option for those who like good action mixed with a great drama. Topics such as protecting the family and maintaining a broken marriage solely for the sake of appearance are shown from a rather interesting perspective imposed by the series script. So, in addition to the shootings, there are moments of pure drama, where the success of these scenes depends on talented actors. Fortunately, Fugitiva has a lot of them.

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Trailer and additional information about Fugitiva Netflix

Synopsis 1: Usually getting kidnapped means being held captive. But in this case, it could mean finding freedom.

Synopsis 2: A domestic abuse survivor orchestrates an elaborate deception to protect her family from her powerfully wealthy husband and his vindictive enemies.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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