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Girl from Nowhere Netflix – Review

Girl from Nowhere is a serie that debuts now on Netflix with a mission: to show how the school system that is used in most countries is bankrupt (watch here).

The systematic allegation of bullying, harassment, racism and abuse of power that always appear in the media, both by students and teachers, proves this. What this production does is take 13 cases of the type and show it as a chronological line, linking the script through a character, who ends up showing these problems and resolving them in their own way.

Many people may disagree with the plot of revenge that is the tonic of Girl from Nowhere. In fact, this must be interpreted as an exposition of the hypocrisy that surrounds the educational environment. We have a sample of this in this series, but their examples can be found anywhere on the planet. It is evident that violence and “giving them a taste of their own medicine” is not a solution in real life. All crimes and harassment should be reported. But, even if from time to time, it’s good to feel vindicated by some audiovisual work, isn’t it?

A mysterious girl

The character who appears in all episodes of Girl from Nowhere is Nanno, a student who is transferred from school to school and shows, with each new chapter, a different case. The production informs that everything that is seen on the screen is based on real items. That may be, but it is clear that there was some artistic freedom to create the plot and “connect the dots”. Nanno is a mysterious girl – we never get to know who her relatives are, what her intentions are, where she comes from, etc. We are only spectators of her discoveries in the schools where she goes.

This script scheme is interesting, because while it does not tire the audience in a single plot that might sound slow paced, we cling to Nanni as she recounts the crimes committed in the school environment. She doesn’t mince words, is bold and even somewhat anarchist. That’s in her favor, as the cases we’ve been tracking in the 13 episodes of this season are really shocking. They go from heavy bullying to harassment made by teachers. In all of them, she solves things in her own way.

Although it is an Asian job, and cultures are completely different from ours as Westerners, Girl from Nowhere denounces situations that can happen in the school closest to our home. No one is free from this kind of embarrassment, especially women – it is remarkable that females historically have always gone through bigger problems than men. Therefore, the work demonstrated by the production is interesting, even if it has some problems.


The problems that Girl from Nowhere demonstrates from time to time are related to its direction, both of scene and art. While the management team ends up “banging their heads against the wall” when it comes to defining a unique language for the series – and there are obvious differences in this direction, the art direction sometimes slips into the creation of scenarios. Some are very fake, even artificial. Luckily, there are few slips, but the most aware people will surely notice.

Girl from Nowhere, therefore, is a good entertainment for those who like revenge plots, but also serves as an alert to the dangers that surround women, who most of the time, end up defenseless against unpleasant situations. Here, at least, they may feel avenged.

Trailer and additional information about Girl from Nowhere Netflix

Synopsis 1: She came from nowhere, and she’s exposing the truth behind these schools’s perfect facades, one dirty secret at a time.

Synopsis 2: A mysterious, clever girl named Nanno transfers to diferent schools, exposing the lies and misdeeds of the students and faculty at every turn.

Age rating: 18

Release year: 2018


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