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Go Anitta (Vai Anitta) Netflix – Review

First, Go Anitta is proof of success of this Rio woman who won Brazil and who also plans to embrace the world with her music. Like documentaries such as “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, which showed a little bit of Lady Gaga’s tours’ organization while also showing her routine as a normal person, this series shows the human and artistic side of Anitta, which few people know out of the clips and songs released by her (watch here).

In a way, it is possible to say that this is an investigative documentary, because it approaches the backstage of the mechanism that transformed Anitta into commercial success. At the beginning of the decade, few believed that this girl, native of Rio – from the Honório Gurgel neighborhood, would go far. With the debut of this series in the Netflix catalog, she shows her strength as one of the Brazilian forces in the world of music.

Anitta did go

Go Anitta is proof of the singer’s perseverance in winning in life. But that’s not all: we also can follow her routine, where she shows up as a family person, who loves her friends and knows the importance of culture in people’s daily lives. Anitta, as we all know, represents funk carioca, a musical style that until recently was marginalized and not taken seriously. Undoubtedly, she helped the genre to reach a higher level, putting it in the charts and in Brazil’s dance floors.

Now, Anitta wants to conquer the world. The documentary follows the singer on her foreign tour, where she tries to carry her message. Every step that Anitta gives in her career has been planned down to the last detail by a team of marketers, and what we follow in this series is the execution of one of the last pieces that were lacking for the complete domination: the shows out of Brazil, as a key factor in the development of Brazilian culture abroad.

All this is accompanied by the camera lenses of this documentary, which does not hesitate to invade Anitta’s privacy and show who she is in real life: a homely, playful woman who is fully aware of her image’s power and of what her music represents for thousands of people. In addition, the spectators follow, almost in real time, the transformation of an old dream of the artist into reality: presenting itself to gigantic audiences, like a true diva, even outside the Brazilian borders.

Challenges to overcome

But the documentary is not just about winning. Go Anitta does not hesitate to show the backstage of Anitta’s shows and career off the stage, showing the challenges she has to face day by day in order to impose herself on a fully sexist music market. As a woman, she must work harder than her male peers to get media attention and record labels. This is quite explicit in this documentary, which has been divided into seasons.

Of course, at the end of Go Anitta, there is the impression that there is much more to come. And it must be that: the singer’s career is in full swing overseas. In a possible second season, we must have the continuation of this successful trajectory. However, in this first batch of episodes, it is possible to glimpse how Anitta structured her career through a systematic plan to reach ever larger audiences, and even having several challenges to overcome, she managed to excel. There is no doubt that, in Brazil, she is great. Now, she wants more.

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Trailer and additional information about Go Anitta Netflix

Synopsis 1: She rose from poverty to become a superstar in her homeland, but she’s not resting on her laurels just yet. Next stop: global fame!

Synopsis 2: Go behind the scenes with Brazilian pop icon Anitta, along with her friends and family, as she aims to create a new song and music video each month.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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