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Great News Netflix – Review (2nd season)

The Great News series, which was originally produced and displayed by NBC, now comes to the Netflix catalog with its second season, being a great example of how comedy can be intelligent and, at the same time, not have a chance in the audience war of open TV. That’s because, unfortunately, the series was canceled, and this is its last season. However, this does not mean that it is bad: the problem isn’t in the production, it’s in the viewers, who wanted to see other things displaying on TV.

It’s easy to say that Great News is a funny series, with great characters and situations, that would have a long life if it was originally produced by Netflix. It would be great if we had the news that the platform bought the full rights and would continue with it. Meanwhile, we can have fun with this second season, which overcame the first.

A new boss

In this second season of Great News we have the arrival of a new boss on the MMN station. This character, portrayed by the phenomenal Tina Fey, perfectly matches the spirit of “The Breakdown”, the main newspaper of the station and that’s the focus of the series: completely insane, with ideas that border the ridicule and with the authoritarian attitude that no one respects. Parallel to this, we also have the continuation of the relationship between the journalist daughter and her mother, who decided to attend college in the golden age and is now the channel’s trainee.

In the second season, this is amplified to the maximum, with the two trying to save the newspaper from the total discredit and the station from bankruptcy. The arrival of Diana St. Tropez, Fey’s character, only adds fuel to the flames, with all the employees trying to adapt to the crazy ways of the new manager.

A taste we can’t get enough

Great News had everything to be a long-running series if it had been better appreciated by the American public. However, as the success of a production depends directly on its audience numbers, it ended up canceled. For our luck, we can now follow the series through the streaming platform without having this kind of concern. This second season is better than the previous one, both for the text quality of Tracey Wigfield and for the actresses who dominate the scene: Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin and Tina Fey (the daughter Katie, the mother Carol and the boss Diana, respectively).

At the end of the last episode, the viewer can’t get enough of it. Knowing that there are no more episodes to be shown, the feeling is that it has ended very abruptly, without giving a chance for a decent farewell. Who knows, Netflix may give us some great news. Until then, let’s wait.

Trailer and pictures of Great News Netflix

Age rating: 14

Release year: 2017


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