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Gun City Netflix – Review

The Spanish production Gun City seeks to bring to the public a stylized view of Barcelona from the 1920s. And that is a clear challenge given that the city has changed a lot since then. Therefore, this feat would require some special effects and excellent recreations in scenarios. Fortunately, the movie is very successful in this aspect (watch here).

The movie is very beautiful to watch, with a great photography and impeccable production design, even more if you consider that in Spain the resources are not the same as one has in Hollywood. But in Gun City some flaws end up bothering you.

Double play

In the story of Gun City, we are transported back to 1921, when a conflict erupts in Barcelona between anarchists and the local police. The first group defends better living conditions for the population and is infiltrated in the factories of the city, while the police intend to maintain order at all costs. There are plans for sabotage and bomb blasts and time is running to prevent such catastrophes. Therefore, an official decides to play double agent to find out who is the real responsible for the theft of a weapon shipment, that, falling into the wrong hands, could start a civil war in the country.

The plot itself is quite interesting and the technical qualities of the film are undeniable. Its visuals are very reminiscent of “The Untouchables”, a classic Brian de Palma directed in 1987. But the similarities remain. Gun City has flaws in its narrative line that bothers a lot. For example, it is impossible to connect with the drama of the main characters, since the direction and the script give little room for them to develop. It is a typical problem of novels: there are too many characters for a short screen time, which does not allow us spectators to connect to them.

And, unfortunately, the problems do not stop there. There is also an excess of clichés in Gun City, which give the impression that the film was actually produced for TV rather than movies. Seldom has a movie been so much like a television production. It has vague dialogues, too expository – and one can not believe how a policeman managed to disguise himself as an anarchist and be accepted by them being so obvious.

Doing everything possible

Despite this, Gun City has actors that are really committed to the story and who do their best to avoid the quality drop of the narrative. The main one is Luis Tosar, an actor well known in Spain and who tries to give his character – the policeman who plays the double agent to avoid a tragedy in society – some dignity. But the script does not help, let alone the faltering direction of Dani de la Torre. This is a separate case.

De la Torre tries, anyway, to give weight to his movies, filmed in a serious and solemn manner, with conservative frameworks. He even remembers the great classics that happen in the 20’s. Despite having a good production team, the actors direction left a lot to be desired, since at all times we are reminded that we are in a movie, as if in spite of all the action and intrigues we are watching, the actors are winking at the viewer indicating that it is all false.

Having two actors from the acclaimed “La Casa de Papel” in his cast – Paco Tous and Jaime Lerner, respectively Moscow and Denver, father and son in the series – Gun City tries to be a relevant movie but cannot get past from simple and forgettable entertainment.

Trailer and additional information about Gun City Netflix

Synopsis 1: Mobsters. Corrupt cops. Labor strikers. Women’s rights protestors. Add a stolen arms shipment and you’ve got a ticking time bomb.

Synopsis 2: In 1921 Barcelona, amid unrest between anarchists and the police, a cop plays both sides to learn who stole the army weapons that could ignite a civil war.

Release year: 2018.


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