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Hero Mask Netflix – Review

The ones that watches the trailer of Hero Mask anime doesn’t completely understand what is happening. As it is done in several movies which only show certain pieces to spark curiosity, not telling anything about the history, this anime arrived wrapped in mystery to the Netflix catalog. With the release of its full season, we can understand what it’s talking about. And we must thank the producers of this anime, because keeping the secret certainly contributed to impacting those who watch (link to the anime).

However, there is a problem in Hero Mask Netflix that seems to be inescapable: the lack of rhythm. In reality, the whole problem lies in how this production seems to run counterfeit, bringing revelations in its final episodes that do not arouse great commotion in the viewer. And, as we all know, something like that in any entertainment product seriously compromises the outcome. It is a pity that this happened here, given the story with a great potential to be developed.

Mysterious Masks

And anyone who sees the beginning of the anime Hero Mask would never say that it could be called “slow-paced”. This is because it starts at full speed, already opening with a mysterious murder. One prosecutor, named Monica Campbell, has been strangely killed, and now we need to investigate what happened. The plot revolves around Sarah, who is Monica’s colleague and decides to investigate her death. Then comes the detective James Blood, who is the heart of Hero Mask – he is a highly charismatic guy, always with a response on the tip of his tongue, besides being an intense guy. In his investigation, he comes across a mask that has unusual powers, and it is from there that his life ends up in a spiral.

The anime as a whole should be praised. Hero Mask promotes the blending of visual effects with the detailing that only the old-fashioned drawings, by hand, can provide. So, if there is a big highlight in this production is its looks. All the scenarios and character designs are well made, so much so that they fill the eyes. On the other hand, this visual beauty can’t hold a story that has holes and is clearly badly tied.

In the urge to shoot in every direction by mixing genres, Hero Mask doesn’t know which way to go. And in doubt, it ends up opting for none. This causes, from the middle of the season on, a sort of general mess: things suddenly become repetitive, taking a new breath almost in the last minutes of the last episode. That way, Hero Mask is a tiresome marathon to go through, which can make many people give up on finishing it.

Cinema x anime

Another problem in Hero Mask is the attempt to emulate the current action movies. Films like the Bourne Trilogy (or anything else Paul Greengrass has done in the last ten years) serve as a mirror to promote agile cuts and frantic editing in “Hero Mask.” It turns out that what works on the movie screen didn’t work here. On the contrary, it helped to confuse the mind of the spectator even more, who was no longer able to keep up with the advances of the story.

Hero Mask is a production that, leaving the obvious hook for season two, will have one more chance to improve and prove that its story, so promising in the paper, can follow a successful course. The first season was an attempt, it almost did it, but failed.

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Trailer and additional information about Hero Mask Netflix

Synopsis 1: Incredible biotech. A powerful corporation. Allies turned enemies. Knowing who to trust is half the game.

Synopsis 2: After a rash of mysterious deaths, Crown prosecutor Sarah Sinclair and SSC agent James Blood discover a conspiracy surrounding uncanny new bio-masks.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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