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Hi Score Girl Netflix – Review

Hi Score Girl is another non-original debut from Netflix, but promises to be a big hit in its catalog. In general, animes draw much attention, both from the public fan of this model of animation and those who just look for good stories to have a moment of distraction. In this production, everyone can be satisfied: although it may seem silly at first, it is an animation of great value – both in terms of its message and in the technical aspects, which are very important (watch here).

The anime talks about a boy and a girl who live the common life in the 90’s, when the two biggest concerns were getting good grades at school and being an ace at the arcade. So in Hi Score Girl there are elements of nostalgia for the older ones, who will certainly recognize many of the situations shown.

A date

The anime Netflix Hi Score Girl tells the routine of a gamer kid, addicted to arcade and considered the best in town. One day, he encounters an opponent up to his standards. The person in question is a girl who is even better than him in the games and begins to get the attention he used to receive because of it. Coincidentally, she studies in the same school as him, so he knows that she is a rich girl, spoiled by friends and that receives a natural attention because of her lifestyle. She beats him in every game, and that naturally leaves him jealous. However, they end up getting closer and he comes to understand that there is a lot more to her than what he had imagined.

This encounter is a determining factor in the lives of both characters. They end up understanding each other and becoming friends as he seeks to help her with her personal problems, without neglecting the dispute to know who is the best player in the city. Hi Score Girl, in this sense, talks about a beautiful story of an unlikely friendship, in which two potentially opposing people end up getting attracted into a beautiful and sensitive relationship. The characters in the anime are very charismatic, especially the boy’s mother, who is hilarious every time she shows up.

Obviously, there is also a great deal of drama because of the life situation that she goes through. The two are not exactly two calm people – they fight all the time – but that brings them closer and closer, to the point that he begins to live with her and understand that the rich and spoiled personality is just a public facade. It’s touching in many ways, and so Hi Score Girl can make you cry easily.

Sincere friendship

Hi Score Girl, after all, talks about a sincere friendship caused by a dispute. Two teenagers who have nothing to do with each other, but who help themselves, end up liking each other and after a while, respecting one another. It is very beautiful to watch, and shortly after we see ourselves addicted to it.

Many fans of the genre end up complaining about the use of computer graphics in anime. In Hi Score Girl is no different, but it is so discreet that there is no reason to complain. Visually it is a very beautiful anime, well produced and with looks that immediately refers to the 90s.

Thematically it is one of the best premieres of this end of year in the catalog, that is worth for the beautiful message that it transmits and for being funny and moving in the right measure , without ever seeming mushy.

There’s been a while since a sincere friendship has been transmitted with such sensitivity.

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Some additional information about Hi Score Girl Netflix

Synopsis 1: He’s honed his mad gaming skills against the best of them, but he’s about to find out she’s got game too.

Synopsis 2: A chronic gamer abysmally inept in academics and sports finally meets his match at his usual shady arcade — and it’s his rich classmate, Akira.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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