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Hip-Hop Evolution Netflix – Review

The series Hip-Hop Evolution returns to its second season showing a little more how this genre has taken over American music – and worldwide – over the years (watch here).

Knowing a little more about how it was developed and how it spread to various American communities before winning the world, this Netflix production provides a great service to all those who enjoy the artists and the songs of that which has become one of the most combative flags of struggle for a population lacking idols.

Through the presentation of Shad Kabango, a well known rapper in the United States, we are going through an important time period of hip hop creation. Especially between the 80s and 90s, which were crucial to its consolidation, both among the public and in the midst of the mainstream music scene on the planet. It’s when big names begin to emerge.

A walk through history

Kabango introduces us to many of the hip hop precursors in this second season of the series, in which he investigates the places and events that inspired those amateur musicians to tell their stories through a new expression. The foundation of the genre was approached in the first season, with the very first rappers being presented to viewers. Now we see other musicians who have been affected by this new way of presenting their art, and that have continued its expansion as music.

With that, we know a little more of the history of important people like KRS-One, Monie Love, A Tribe Called Quest and Puff Daddy, among others that had their formation on hip hop and that took him to another level. As each of them interpreted their own version of the movement, it started to gain the pages of magazines and also more space in the music scene of the time, which was also in its first steps. We follow these people that are pioneering the music industry to conquer their space. Fortunately, we know how this story ends.

But it does not mean, however, that it hasn’t had its obstacles. Many of the cases featured in “Hip Hop Evolution” are of discrimination and pure, simple prejudice against these people and the kind of music they were creating. Thus, we can have the exact notion of how difficult it was for them to get their place in the sun, gaining respect and admiration from record companies and also more space with the public. It was not an easy road to go, and this is evident in every new testimony.

Natural continuation

Hip-Hop Evolution in its first season was highly praised and won many international awards for being a work that shows the unfiltered reality of those people who won the music world after much effort. What was previously called peripheral and anti-commercial turned into success and is in vogue to this day. In this second season, we have the natural continuation of this story, showing the unfolding of success that the initial group had and that opened the way for others, as talented as them, to pass.

This is the biggest merit of this Netflix production, which illuminates a saga very little known to today fans and non-fans that was lost in the memory of those who lived that time. It is an important historical rescue, so that we know how one of the most famous popular expressions within the music scene has gained its final form as we know it today. Through the testimonies of those who lived this experience, we can see the true value of hip hop.

Images and additional information about Hip Hop Evolution Netflix

Synopsis 1: Originators. Innovators. Revolutionaries. Hip-hop legends share the stories and sounds that changed the game.

Synopsis 2: Interviews with influentials MCs, DJs and moguls trace the genre’s dynamic evolution from the 1970s through the 1990s in this documentary series.

Age rating: 18

Release year: 2018


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