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How to Get Over a Breakup Netflix – Review of the movie

How to Get Over a Breakup is the typical movie to watch after ending a relationship (watch here). It is the kind of story that gives strength to anyone who has gone through this, because it shows how to continue with life after spending so much time together with one person – of course, being a comedy, it shows everything with a funny bias. In real life it’s not always like this, but this feature can drag anyone out of the dumps.

Fortunately, this comedy show is also for those who are not in this situation. It’s a funny and well-acted film, with a simple but functional script. It makes you laugh at the situations in which the protagonist and her friends end up getting into, besides, of course, also trying to go on with her life after being dumped by her ex-boyfriend. It’s just as they say: you move on.


The film tells the story of Maria Fe, who has been in a six-year relationship with a young man who has suddenly dumped her. At a moment’s notice, her life completely changed: being emotionally dependent on a relationship, she ends up finding herself alone. Sadness and depression end up knocking at the door and she needs to rely on the help of her friends to try to cheer her up. However, the dependency was so intense that she ends up seeing her ex-boyfriend everywhere – and of course, it’s in her head. Following the advice of reactivating an old idea, she creates a blog to tell how her life has been, trying to overcome the breakup.

For the role of Maria Fe, the actress and singer Gisela Ponce de Leon was cast. She delivers and is able to express all the character’s insecurity as soon as she loses what she considered the biggest love of her life, and her fragility is really touching. Her comedic side also stands out, especially when the character joins her friends, who try to give her advices to overcome her sad situation. This ends up getting Maria Fe into a lot of trouble in her attempts to move on. Leon has a very good comedy timing, making scenes that could easily result in secondhand embarrassments actually funny.

Among other highlights of the cast is also former RBD Christopher Von Uckermann, who plays the character Santiago, one of the protagonist’s friends. Long gone from the Latin American audience, unlike his former bandmates, Uckermann might have done ok in his role, but a certain laziness is visible in the performer, who, after some time on the stage uses the same acting resources (the same facial expressions, in this case) for any situation. In fact, this ultimately undermines the end result of his work.

A movie to climb out the dumps

In short, How to Get Over a Breakup is a great movie to climb out the dumps. The message it passes is clear: it is possible to move on with life after a breakup, just live one day after another, without waiting for too long. This is because, according to the film, the best things are those that happen suddenly without any warning. And that idea is really the right one.

Although not bringing anything new, How to Get Over a Breakup, this Peruvian comedy co-produced by Netflix, has its charm and grace, which makes it an excellent option for those who are up to have fun.

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Trailer and additional information about How to Get Over a Breakup Netflix

Synopsis 1: She couldn’t get her ex out of her head. When alcohol, Tinder and painting furniture didn’t help, she began writing.

Synopsis 2: A heartbroken ad copywriter living in Lima, Peru, is inspired to write a blog about life as a single woman and is surprised by her website’s sucess.

Release year: 2018.


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