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Jefe Netflix – Review

The story of Jefe is as simple as that of a movie playing on a matinee session (watch here). However, it hides deeper themes that gradually get revealed and that make this pretentious light comedy in a movie that leaves a bitter taste. Yes, it’s a funny story, but it can also bring a lot of reflections.

The main one of them, without a doubt, is about the need to “get out of the bubble” and get to hear more people around us. We are always preoccupied with our lives and affairs, so much so that we hardly stop to listen to what others are saying about our own conduct.

A life upside down

The film tells the story of César, a head of a multinational who lives for himself. Being addicted to cocaine, polygamous and unashamed, he is a legitimate representative of the “traditional family” who lives by appearances. However, one day everything collapses: his wife discovers his betrayals, the company suffers a gigantic embezzlement that can lead to bankruptcy and his life turns upside down. Above all, he discovers that he’s not such a good boss as he imagines. Beginning to realize what is happening around him, he notices that he’s a horrible boss, who curses and treats subordinates badly for no apparent reason. He is hated by virtually everyone in the office, and now needs them to be able to save the company from bankruptcy – as well as his personal life.

For this he has the help of the only person who is willing to help him, the office cleaner. Through her he begins to look for exits that make him climb the hole he fell into. In addition, she also shows him that living in that narcissistic and egocentric way can be harmful. The morale of Jefe is clear, but the way it is shown is what delights.

The movie has really funny scenes, it works great as a comedy. And much of this success is due to Luis Callejo, the actor who plays César. Considered one of the great names in Spanish acting, he gives life to this character in a caricature way in the beginning, and gains layers of humanity as he realizes his mistakes and tries to fix them. It is a great work of Callejo, who can be funny and melancholic in the right measure, giving César a redemptive journey.

A comedy of habits

Jefe also does not miss the opportunity to criticize the habits of the so-called middle class. César, the central character, is a man who has everything and is never happy: despite having a family, he is always betraying his wife; despite having a good job, does not value it enough and reaches the point of risk losing it; despite being a healthy man with the potential to lead a happy life, uses drugs to detach himself from the reality that surrounds him. In short, he lives by appearances, which people around him always notice, and so he is not respected even though he is the man who commands everything in the multinational where they work.

This is the spirit of a comedy of habits, where criticism is precisely in how society behaves. César is a clear example of this, and the deconstruction through which he goes also shows all the hypocrisies of this way of life. So – and because it’s a comedy that makes you laugh with intelligence – Jefe is a good movie for anyone who wants an option to have fun in the Netflix catalog.

Trailer and additional information about Jefe Netflix

Synopsis 1: His marriage. His company. His wealth. When everything seemed to be disintegrating, she was there to help clean it up.

Synopsis 2: A rude, self-centered businessman seems to be on the brink of losing everything until a night janitor at his office helps him find redemption.

Release year: 2018


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