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Kulipari: Dream Walker Netflix – Review

Kulipari: Dream Walker continues a Netflix original series that achieved a great success among children because of its theme, always focused on fellowship and the union between people, in addition to passing a message of solidarity that is so necessary in our present time. In this new story, the Kulipari people need to heed a call for help, which results in a rescue mission that can put the entire village at risk (watch here).

This series only came to this recognition because of its merits regarding the script and visual production. Kulipari: Dream Walker comes to deepen these achievements, improving the animation and bringing great names for its dubbing. This result can be seen in all episodes of this story – which, incidentally, can be seen by both children and adults, since Kulipari: Dream Walker uses many features like what we see in soaps at episode endings, leaving hooks that make anyone curious.

Rescue Mission

In the previous seasons, we followed the journey of Darel, a Kulipari who eventually became the so-called Blue Sky King. Now, in charge of the community, he has promoted peace and harmony among its inhabitants. However, he ends up receiving a request from the commander of a neighboring tribe: his son, named Koa, was kidnapped by a Warlord with powers so great that he is not able to face. To rescue him, he needs help.

This first season, therefore, tells the story of how the Blue Sky King accepts the request to assist in the rescue, setting up a rescue mission to take Koa from the hands of this evil Lord. At the same time, he leaves his community in the hands of young Kuliparis, so that they continue to maintain order in place. What the King doesn’t know, however, is that Darkan, the Warlord, is quite powerful and hides secrets that can end not only with Koa’s rescue plans but also with peace everywhere.

These two plots are very well developed by writers and animators, but of course the biggest interest is in the rescue mission promoted by Blue Sky King. The journey is built with care, having him and his team of warriors facing various dangers along the way until they can reach the place where Darkan retains his fortress. And despite being a children’s series, Kulipari: Dream Walker has a good dose of suspense and mystery, typical of more mature animations. Of course, this is not an obstacle for children to watch this season; this only broadens the scope and draws attention of adults as well.

Action and comedy to the same extent

The advantage that Kulipari: Dream Walker possesses is a good balance between action (fights, natural hazards and enemy-induced dangers, etc.) with good doses of comic relief, which are needed to break the seriousness of the story. The characters are very charismatic and deliver the message, making this first season easy to watch.

Also noteworthy is the excellent voice acting in all available languages​​ (especially the original, which features Mark Hamill, known as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga), Kulipari: Dream Walker is an interesting animation that , already in this first season, proves to be one of the good options for children in this end of year.

Trailer and additional information about Kulipari: Dream Walker

Synopsis 1: An awesome power is in the wrong hands. Now he’ll stop at nothing to bring peace and prosperity back to his land.

Synopsis 2: Now the Blue Sky King, Darel must lead a rescue mission to save a Dream Walker – leaving the village under the protection of the Kulipari youth.

Age rating: Everyone;

Release year: 2018.


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