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Medal of Honor Netflix – Review

Medal of Honor is a documentary series about love. However, it does not talk about love in a conventional way, or that which we are used to see in romantic or family movies. It is, in fact, about the love of people towards their peers in an environment of total conflagration, as in the conflicts and wars spread throughout the world (watch here).

What we see here are soldiers who, in order to protect men and women they often don’t even know, risk their lives on virtually suicidal missions.

The series, produced by filmmaker Robert Zemeckis – responsible for “Back to the Future”, “Forrest Gump” and “Cast Away” – captivates the heart of the viewer with moving testimonies and re-creations of battlefields that don’t owe anything to cinematographic productions. Each Medal of Honor episode brings a different story whose emotional impact is gigantic.

Bravery and courage

In Medal of Honor, we get to know the story of people who have really earned this distinction from the American government for their bravery and courage during conflicts that have marked the history of the United States. In this way, we follow subjects that go from accompanying the survivors of World War II talking about people who risked their own lives to save them, to testimonies of soldiers who served in the most recent conflicts (as in Afghanistan and Iraq) where they were in situations that there was a huge chance of dying, but escaped by actions of people they did not even know, who were there with the sole mission of not allowing them to be killed.

Of course, the greatest highlight is given to US military personnel who have been involved in risky situations and have managed to win the medal of honor – one of the greatest distinctions a person can receive on American soil – for their actions to save lives. Many of them give testimonials, as well as people who have benefited from their actions during those complicated times. The most interesting of this series is to realize the unwavering willpower of these heroes, who set out to risk their lives, or even falling into enemy hands, to get rid of other people from certain death.

It is also worth noting that in each episode, there is a recreation of the moments of the portrayed people’s bravery. These scenes are, for the most part, worthy of cinema. It is clear, in those moments, the hand of Zemeckis, a man who has always cherished for innovation and cinematographic quality in all his works. The re-creation of wars is excellent and puts us into the action, transporting us from beyond the witnesses’ stories and into the battlefields.

Extreme quality

Zemeckis, however, is not the only Oscar winner to be involved in the Medal of Honor. The director of the series is James Moll, winner of the Oscar for Best Documentary for “The Last Days” in 1998. He is the one who commands the action, both the staged and the testimonials, and mixes that material which results in a powerful documentary series that’s exciting. Moll is also extremely perfectionist, paying attention to every detail that can lead the viewer to a deeper experience.

And, in the end, because of its extreme quality, Medal of Honor is the kind of documentary that captures attention by showing what the human being is capable of doing to defend its peers. That is why it is said that this series speaks of love. Love of neighbor, which has been so rare in the dark times which we live in, appears in all its glory in this fundamental and obligatory work for those who are a fan of historical recreations, as well as those who love real edifying facts that warm the heart of anyone.

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Synopsis 1: All gave some. Some gave all. These are the true stories of the heroes who went above and beyond

Synopsis 2: Honoring service members whose courage merited the awarding of a Medal of Honor, this docudrama series re-criates their inspiring true stories.

Release year: 2018


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