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Oh My Ghost Netflix – Dorama Review

Doramas with a non-sense flavor are oriental specialty, and Oh My Ghost is part of this recipe.

This series, originally released in the Korean version in 2015, now comes with a remake of the Taiwanese version of Netflix, putting it in evidence, as it deserves. Not that it has great innovations in format or in script: it is just a very fun work, great to pass the time. (watch here).

In its episodes, we see the chemistry between the three main actors, who play characters very different from each other: a demanding chef, a kitchen assistant who is shy (and in love with him) and the ghost of a virgin girl, who needs to solve this question to get rest in the beyond.

Oh My Ghost Netflix, therefore, is a mixture of comedy and romance. The result of this recipe is a success.

In oriental style

Oh My Ghost becomes an attractive series because of its simple plot, which focuses on its three main characters. Nuengthida Sophon plays the embarrassed sous-chef named Jiew, who suffers from her gigantic shyness. Despite being scatterbrained, she is competent, but suffers from being secretly in love with chef Artit  (played by Amornsupasiri Arak). He’s the boss in the kitchen where she works and despises her because of her messy ways.

At the same time, he has an unresolved love problem with his ex, which makes him even more bitter. Things change when Jiew meets the ghost of Khaopun (role of Gypsy Keerati Mahapreukpong), a young virgin. To be able to rest in Paradise, she must solve her “pending issues” on Earth and finds in the timid girl the perfect vehicle for this.

With such a plot, it is easy to foresee the confusions and extreme shameful situations that Oh My Ghost provides the viewer. And that’s great! The plots are well developed in the oriental style (who is already familiar with their audiovisual production style knows what to expect) and that sometimes makes us blush with embarrassment. When the ghost takes over the body of Jiew, she turns into a femme fatale determined to win over the confident chef, even if also being somewhat awkward.

In its 16 episodes, Oh My Ghost doesn’t waste much time explaining the supernatural (why Jiew is the only girl who can see the ghost, for example). And we do not need it: it’s possible to have fun and laugh out loud with the situations that are created, and also with the mood of romance that develops from the moment that coveted chef Artit begins to see Jiew differently.

Fast consumption

It is worth mentioning that some fans of the original production complained that this new version is a practically perfect copy of the original, with all the pros and cons of this factor. For example, the Netflix version of Oh My Ghost does not bring any technical innovation, and it seems to be part of a somewhat “pasteurized” production line, just as it does in South Korea.

In other words, with regard to technical aspects, there is no difference between this and any other series. Often this results in uninspired work, which seems to serve only to “stick to the table.”

Fortunately, this is not a problem here. The text is friendly, creating quite pleasant scenes, and the mix between comedy and romance is well balanced, never exaggerating on either side. Therefore, Oh My Ghost Netflix is undoubtedly a great series to marathon – considering that it has only one season, it is fast consumption.

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Trailer and additional information about the dorama Oh My Ghost Netflix

Synopsis 1: It’s a recipe for romance when a confident, sexy ghost takes over the body of a shy, lovelorn chef in training.

Synopsis 2: When a skilled but timid chef is possessed by a sassy spirit, her newfound confidence catches the eye of her longtime crush, a culinary hotshot.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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