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Perfume Netflix – Review

The premiere of Perfume in the Netflix catalog only reinforces what we have been suspicious of: the hegemony of producing good stories is no longer just in the hands of Americans. This German series is a great example of narrative mastery, which draws attention to its plot of suspense and lust, and doesn’t owe anything to any other series made by Netflix in English (watch here).

This series, incidentally, was not made by Netflix. It was acquired for worldwide distribution by the platform, which in itself is already a good recognition of its quality. The company would never release a production that didn’t have the same rigor that it prints in its own series and films. Considering that, even with the cinematographic tools available, they still do some poor work, it’s really great that we now have access to Perfume by the same hands.

An investigation

If you are thinking that just by name, this series bears some resemblance to that movie released in 2006 that became very famous and ended up turning cult, we have news for you: that’s right. The two productions have the same source: the book written by the German author Patrick Suskind. The similarities end there: now the story is retold in the present day, with some punctual modifications to fit into a modern narrative. However, the essence is the same: girls are being murdered by a perfumer, who intends to create the perfect scent perfume.

Now we also have the investigation of the murders by a specialized team, which end up finding a group of friends who are dedicated to creating scents, and each one of them has something to hide. All are suspects. Who will be the killer? The suspense created by this dense atmosphere is very well engineered by the direction of Perfume, which keeps the mystery as new bodies come up. It is, then, up for investigators to discover the truth before more victims appear.

The Netflix series Perfume, therefore, is the story of an obsessed serial killer. Or are there several? The series takes time to answer this question, which is demonstrated almost in the final seconds of this first impeccable season. The production design is really charming – to the extent that bodies and murders can be considered so – and recreate an almost suffocating atmosphere as the crimes continue to occur. The series also doesn’t give any breaks when presenting the group of friends who are dedicated to study and create different aromas. All of them, besides being suspicious, seem suspicious: and this is very important in any production that wants to make the viewer not find the answer ahead of time. There are no innocents – just fewer culprits or omissions.

A great New Year’s Eve for Netflix

Perfume, in its first season, topped off the Netflix year, regarding non-English series. Only in December, we had the debut of, among others, “Case” and “The Protector”. Only the latter was fully produced by the company, which shows that, more important than creating original content, is to choose well the series that will help compose the catalog.

In this way, this German series adds to the catalog, bringing a suspense story that, although known to anyone who has seen the film or read the book, still maintains an interesting freshness that holds the attention of anyone. Perfume, therefore, is a series that is worth watching if you like series of investigation and suspense.

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Trailer and additional information about Perfume Netflix

Synopsis 1: Five friends share a strange obsession with scent… and one of them may have a taste for murder.

Synopsis 2: When a singer is found murdered, with her scent glands excised from her body, detectives probe a group of friends who attended boarding school with her.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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