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Prince of Peoria Netflix – Review

With Prince of Peoria, Netflix enters a field where Disney has reigned for many years. This new teen-oriented series has all the elements that have made Mickey Clubhouse a success since at least the 1990s: lots of comedy (a bit nonsense) mixed with lessons about fellowship and friendship.

Best of all, with this project, Netflix was successful in the mission, since Prince of Peoria is a lot of fun (watch here).

And just as in the other production company, Prince of Peoria can also reveal talents. This is the case of the main duo, Gavin Lewis and Theodore Barnes. The two teenagers have an incredible chemistry, which is precisely the element that brings most of the fun to production. The cast is well chosen, including the supporting roles, which turns this series into an excellent request for those who like this type of productions.

A lonely prince

In Prince of Peoria, we follow the story of Maximel Vandercloud III, who lives in a distant reign. Despite having everything he ever wanted at hand, he has no friends and no way to amuse himself outside the protocols he is obliged to follow. His dream is to be a normal teenager, so he travels to Peoria, a city in the United States where he ends up staying in the home of another boy, son of a single mother. From this, he tries to adjust to these people’s way of life, which provokes some laughter – including nervous ones, due to secondhand embarrassment.

This shift between the ways of a prince and the routine of an ordinary American teenager yields excellent scenes. And much of that is backed by the talents of Lewis (who plays Maximel) and Barnes (who plays Teddy, the American). The difference between the two causes strangeness at first, but soon this is undone as they approach. The duo is extremely funny and makes the series worth it.

In addition, it is also necessary to highlight a common point that is well worked out in Prince of Peoria. Teenage loneliness is the subject of several movies and series, and here it is treated in a very subtle way, but with which they can identify. The importance of friendship is always emphasized, even if with the comedy bias typical of these productions.

Common plot

Of course, Prince of Peoria has its share of clichés, of which it is difficult to escape under these conditions. A series aimed at the teenage audience will always feature a half-jerky friend, a pretty girl who is interested in one of them, etc. All this we have already seen in other series, but we are not tired of watching. The situations shown in its episodes are old, but fun. And that’s what counts.

The common plot is compensated by the charisma of the characters and a script that is quite skilled at working on these clichés. So, Prince of Peoria is a good fun for its target audience, being interesting even to grown-ups. It’s a nice series, light humored and that brings good messages, so necessary to the complicated days that our society is in.

Trailer and additional information about Prince of Peoria Netflix

Synopsis 1: A royal prince craves freedom and fun, while his roommate would rather be studying. They’re still going to be best buds.

Synopsis 2: A prankster prince who wants to experience life as an ordinary teen leaves his kingdom to live incognito with a single mom and her studious son.

Age rating: Everyone

Release year: 2018


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