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Robozuna Netflix – Review

The children will be able to find in Robozuna, the newest Netflix animated series, a mixture of good action with excellent morals passed on by its characters (watch here).

Being an exciting adventure, the production promises to delight the younger with their charismatic heroes and uplifting plot. In fact, these elements are present in huge amounts at each episode of this already promising series.

This can be characterized by Netflix itself, which already has big agreements to sell toys based on the characters of Robozuna. This demonstrates the producer’s stake in this product. And, by watching its episodes, you can say that it’s worth it. Virtually everything in the series can be transformed into action figures, with the possibility to enchant the children. Fortunately, Robozuna is not limited to just being a vehicle of profit. It’s a good story, told in a very competent way.

In a future far, far away

The series follows a 14-year-old boy named Ariston, who lives in a community in a future far, far away. In this world, dominated by the evil Corvus Imperium, he seeks to live peacefully, avoiding dangers while building a robot in his house, giving it the name of Mangle. That’s because there are several competitions among robots, which can yield success and money so that he can help his family.

Mangle, on the other hand, is a strong but sympathetic and charismatic robot. It even develops feelings, and one of them is the fidelity and friendship it devotes to its “owner” Ariston. This one, when it sees the opportunity to join a robot fight team called Combatabots, also ends up getting involved in an adventure to free his people from the yoke of Corvus, that intends to extend its power in the nation that suffers with its authoritarian bias.

As you can see, Robozuna is a mixture of “Real Steel” and “Star Wars”. The first one, released in 2011 with Hugh Jackman as the protagonist, shows a father and a son with a home-built robot participating in competitions across the United States. This is an important part of Robozuna, the other being the plot that involves the overthrow of an overwhelming power that dominates the whole place, which is mainly present in episodes IV, V and VI of the saga created by George Lucas.

A mixture that works

Although it seems at first glance that this mixture does not match, Robozuna surprises by linking its story in an organic way, without appealing or using big clichés. Of course, one or another ends up appearing in the middle of the story, but it’s totally forgivable. There’s no way to make such a production without appealing to some of the buzzwords in the script. However, the result is very friendly and can please both adults and children. It’s a mixture that works.

The looks of Robozuna also draw attention. The animations are very well executed, with attention to details. This is great for a production going straight to the stream. Its episodes are always packed with very well directed and produced action and there is always an excellent hook for the next chapter. The first season of Robozuna, therefore, is a treat for those who like this kind of adventure. Kids are sure to love it and want the products that will surely fill the shelves at Christmas.

Trailer and additional information about Robozuna Netflix

Synopsis 1: Bravery, teamwork, friendship… and robots! They’re fighting for wins in the arena, and freedom at home.

Synopsis 2: A boy and his homemade robot enter the toughest competition in the universe while attempting to free their oppressed home from an evil empire.

Release year: 2018


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