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Russell Brand: Re:birth Netflix – Review

Russell Brand has a typical British humor, and his comments on Russell Brand: Re:birth closely follow the manual of how to tear up laughs with dry, sharp jokes, keeping a serious pose while the audience laughs. Brand, who in recent years became more famous for being the ex-husband of pop singer Katy Perry than for his screen work, returned to the stand-up in a glorious show, where he comments on a little bit of everything, forming a quilt where, in the end, the madness of our modern life mirrors itself (watch here).

Of course, he takes the time to make fun of himself and people he knows. Rupert Murdoch, owner of 20th Century Fox and notorious conservative, is one of his favorite victims. The comparisons that Brand makes about Murdoch are not revealed in this review because, if it would be, then the joke is lost. But it is with this – and with several others – that the comedian shows that he has full mastery of comedy timing, and that this special is truly a must.

About everything and everyone

Russell Brand: Re:birth, in its hour-long, allows the comedian to cast the most diverse types of poison in the air. Not even he escapes himself: he comments on his current situation, how his work has been limited in the entertainment business because he is a great critic of the practices of large corporations, among other darts that he throws and that hit his targets in full. Of course, being known for strong – and even somewhat eschatological – jokes, Brand evokes completely random subjects that, organized only in his mind, serve to awaken the laughter of others.

Here he also demonstrates that he has matured as a person. The birth of his daughter and his (second) marriage made him a more conscious man, and he states it in his show. Mabel – this is the name of his daughter – gave Brand inspiration to create the funniest and even deepest moments of Russell Brand: Re:birth: when he talks about fatherhood, how it can change the life of a person and how is the routine of caring for a small child. Anyone who has had a baby at home knows what he’s talking about. Who hasn’t, will think twice before wanting one.

With this, Russell Brand: Re:birth becomes a show that does not have a definite focus: it shoots in every direction, but it hits its targets. At any moment it can be said that Brand’s stand-up is dull, although he isn’t a comedian who uses the physical comedy, that is, using his body to transmit the emotions. Not that he is not like that in other jobs, but here he seems to be more restrained and focused. And somehow, that made him funnier.

A great turn

Russell Brand: Re:birth brings the comedian to the stage, from where he has been away to work on TV. It’s a place he should never have left: he’s really good at what he does. Unlike many stand-up specials shown on Netflix this past year, Russell Brand is able to make someone laugh without being forced or appealing to the use of prejudices and stereotypes to cause shock and laughter in the audience.

Of course, anyone who knows him also knows that he’s been that way before. But paternity seems to have made Brand a quieter man. And, to his luck, he also brought greater wisdom to apply his talent on a stage. This is, in fact, a great turn.

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Trailer and additional information about Russell Brand: Re:birth Netflix

Synopsis 1: Rabble-rouser. Tabloid target. Thrower of soup. The self-deprecating comedian is back – and he’s procriated.

Synopsis 2: Russell Brand gets loquacious in London as he ruminates on the state of the world and marvels over how his life changed the moment he became a father.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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