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Sabrina Netflix – Review

Indonesian cinema has given many contributions to the horror genre, and Sabrina is yet another example of how they have been committed to scare viewers in recent years (watch here).

Despite looking like a hybrid of “Anabelle” with “Child’s Play”, two of the most famous features involving seemingly innocuous dolls but with a huge killer potential, this movie that has just arrived in the Netflix catalog is a part of its own anthology, very well known in Indonesia, that now threatens to earn fans everywhere.

Sabrina has a connection with the series “The Doll”, started in 2016 by director and screenwriter Rocky Soraya, who is also responsible for this movie. It’s a spin-off that brings some characters that are in the two films of “The Doll”, but that presents new situations – therefore, can’t be considered as a direct continuation. However, the drama that appears in this new production can be much more shocking than those shown in the previous films.

The hidden devil

In Sabrina, we follow the story of Vanya, a girl who lost her parents, and who now lives with her aunt and uncle, Maira and Aiden. The girl is always sad for not knowing how to live in a world without her mother, and so she ends up trying to bring her back through the ritual “Charlie Charlie”, which is well known worldwide as a way to communicate with the spirit of dead people. However, something goes wrong: instead of bringing her mother, she ends up invoking a demon who pretends to be her, and that possesses one of the child’s doll.

It is clear that the presence of this entity in the house ends up bringing enormous disturbance to everyone involved. The child believes that her mother has returned, even if in the doll’s body, but it soon becomes clear to everyone that something is not right. The house begins to be haunted by frightening apparitions and strange things begin to happen. Getting rid of this evil spirit, of course, will not be easy.

The haunted doll, named Sabrina, is one of the highlights: her look is disturbing. The production spared no effort to make her terrifying, she wouldn’t even need to be possessed by a demon to cause chills. How a girl doesn’t get scared just by being in the presence of this toy is a mystery. Apart from this, the film brings a crop of disturbing scenes, built with excellence by the director Soraya, who knows very well how to impact the public.

Easy but scary plot

It can’t be said that Sabrina has the same quality level of Hollywood productions, as those already mentioned in this text. But the inventiveness suppresses these problems, and we have a good horror movie, which focuses on jump-scares, but that also delivers some visually striking scenes, which can make people jump from their seats for a moment.

The narrative structure of Sabrina is not innovative, does not bring anything new to the genre, but it is so well executed that any errors are forgiven. To those who like a good suspense to end the night, this movie is a great option. Aside from some difficulty with the Indonesian language, which can be tricky to keep up with, even with subtitles, the movie has merits and fulfills the role it proposes: to give a good scare and mark people’s minds with a visually gruesome doll.

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Trailer and additional information about Sabrina Netflix terror movie



Synopsis 1: This evil spirit is hell-bent on revenge and hungry to inhabit a body. No one is safe from possession – not even a child’s doll.

Synopsis 2: A toy manufacturer and his wife are terrorized by a demon after their orphaned niece tries to summon her late mother’s spirit using a spooky ritual.

Age rating: 16;

Release year: 2018.


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