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Spirit Riding Free Season 7 Netflix – Review

The animation Spirit Riding Free reaches its seventh season on Netflix crowned as one of the children’s audience greatest hits. This show, distributed by Netflix and produced by Dreamworks Animation – the same one that created “Shrek” – won fans all over the world because of its simple but very engaging story that accompanies the friendship and companionship between the girl Lucky and the horse Spirit.

In this new installment of episodes, we continue to follow these adventures, in which Lucky and Spirit further tighten this relationship of affection between them. In addition, there are also other adventures of the girl with her friends, Pru and Abigail, who move the plot and open other paths beyond the relationship between humans and animals. The seventh season, therefore, manages to be the most diversified in content so far.

An Unlikely Friendship

Spirit Riding Free, in this seventh season, doesn’t bring lots of news in its central plot. Lucky continues to have Spirit as her inseparable companion for adventures, while she also discovers the fun with her two friends in a place reminiscent of the American Old West’s old towns. In that sense, little has changed. What appeals to us in the new year of the series is that there is a greater focus on the parallel plots, giving more emphasis on the supporting roles, rather than focusing solely on the girl and her horse.

There are still differences because she is in a city where there is almost nothing to do, but this is much less pronounced than in other seasons. Here she seems more composed and happier – her friendship with Spirit, outside the company of Abigail and Pru, made her more comfortable in this place in the middle of nowhere. The message to the children is very clear: no matter where you are, if you have good friends and companions, you have everything. In addition, it also shows the importance of taking good care of animals, as they may be better companions, more often than humans.

Here, there are also dangers, the usual villains who bring danger to this unlikely friendship. However, as we have said here, there is a greater focus on the characters who, in previous seasons, were secondary. This helps the series to oxygenate its story, because always keeping the same central plot, after so many seasons, could make it tiring and even bland. The glow could go out. Fortunately, the producers and writers managed to diversify, offering a simple, beautiful and uplifting entertainment, without falling into the sameness that so much affects other productions of the type.

Long life

This series is based on the 2002 film, “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Animation. There are big differences between the story of the film and the one that we follow in this production, but the spirit is practically the same. Kelly Asbury and Lorna Cook, directors of the film, have created a very nice atmosphere with a human story about friendship, and this holds true for all seasons of the derivative series.

Especially in this new season, which gives more brilliance to all the characters, without leaving aside the true protagonist: Spirit, a horse before indomitable, but that now also discovered that humans can be kind and caring.

It is an important and beautiful message that must be preserved – and this long-lived production can maintain that spirit.

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Synopsis 1: When a proud, untamed horse teams up with a fiercely independent girl, fun, friendship and endless adventure take flight!

Synopsis 2: In a small Western town, spunky ex-city girl Lucky forms a tight bond with wild horse Spirit while havind adventures with best pals Pru and Abigail.

Age rating: Everyone.

Release year: 2018


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