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Spy Kids: Mission Critical Season 2 Netflix – Review

Spy Kids: Mission Critical made a big success with the kids when it was released by Netflix. The reception was so great that it was soon renewed for a second season, which is now entering the company catalog, to the joy of children who a love fun time allied to the typical action of spy movies (watch here).

Since this series is a product that doesn’t have a central storyline, each episode shows a different situation that the Spy Kids must face to battle a common evil: the dreaded S.W.A.M.P., an organization led by a villain called Golden Brain. So, the only thing that connects each episode is the race to keep S.W.A.M.P. from conquering the world. The cool thing is that this second season continues with the same vigor as before, featuring funny, fast-paced stories that also bring good lessons, such as accepting the differences between people.

Worldwide success

The animated series Spy Kids: Mission Critical is based on the creation of Robert Rodriguez, who made the live-action film of this story in 2001, and won three more runs until 2011. From there, with the formula spent – despite the huge worldwide success – began the development of the animation, which now reaches its second season renewing interest in this plot and earning more fans along the way.

Basically, in this second season the plot remains the same: the great spy Gregorio Cortez (who was part of the films, being played by Antonio Banderas at the time) reactivated the Spy Kids Academy to train his children and other kids to be young spies, that help to combat the evil that always plagues the planet. In the case, this evil is embodied in the S.W.A.M.P. organization, which has the Golden Brain as commander. After being defeated several times by the spy kids, he searches for a solution to end his problems, and finds it in a secret weapon called Pinnoquinox, which is being protected by the Spy Kids Academy.

Therefore, the focus here is on the Golden Brain’s quest to get that substance, which can help him dominate the world. And of course, the academy spies need to thwart his plans by using the most diverse weapons to stop him. Only they are not common weapons: they are guns that launch goo, tablets that turn into boomerangs, among other gadgets. Together, they need to end the Golden Brain’s plans, while facing the differences between themselves to prevent evil from taking over the planet Earth.

Fun and well made

Spy Kids: Mission Critical maintains in this second season the quality that was seen in the first batch of episodes, both regarding its script and in its execution on the screen. The animation is very well done compared to other productions launched by Netflix this year. Obviously, it doesn’t have the same quality of details as the productions made for the cinema, but they fulfill its role of entertaining without compromising the result.

The script, mostly written by John Tellegen – experienced in juvenile works, like most of the “Power Rangers” released in recent years – is fun and brings some gags that even make the adults laugh. Thus, Spy Kids: Mission Critical maintains, with this second season, a high level of production that will please children and adults.

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Trailer and additional information about Spy Kids: Mission Critical Netflix

Synopsis 1: With their parents away, this brother-sister spy team faces their toughest mission yet: saving the world.

Synopsis 2: In this animated spinoff series, Juni and Carmen Cortez must battle the evil organization S.W.A.M.P. – without the help of their super-spy parents.

Age rating: Everyone;

Release year: 2018.


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