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Super Drags Netflix – Review

There could be no better time for the debut of Super Drags on brazilian Netflix than now. With the recent election results, the LGBT public began to feel trapped and with little hope of achieving more rights or even a simple recognition of their existence (watch here).

The keynote of the speech adopted by the new president is that of segregation, and many of his followers have joined this action. So, the premiere of an animated series in which drag queens are the protagonists gives the LGBT audience a reason to smile and feel represented.

But of course Netflix wouldn’t approve a project that wasn’t profitable. Super Drags is not a niche animation. All people, whether they are straight or not, can enjoy the five sensational episodes of this work, totally Brazilian, which will surely gain the world when it is released on other countries’ platforms. This is because its humor is brilliant, it knows how to use irony and debauchery to comment on everyday prejudices and has, as a greater attraction, the advantage of knowing how to use the misfortunes and pain of a community to make them laugh, but always maintaining respect for the daily struggle that being LGBT is, both in Brazil or anywhere else.

Worker in daylight, superheroine at night

Super Drags follows three common people: Patrick, Ralf and Donizete. They are workers like any other, and they try to earn a living in the best way possible. The trio is recruited by Vedete Champagne, who is the head of a protective agency in the gay world, to help contain the threats that are always on the loose against this community. At that point, they become the Super Drags: they are ordinary day laborers that become superheroines by dressing up during the night, fighting crime without losing their charm and good humor.

The main threat to the world is called Lady Elza, who intends to steal what is called “highlight”, which causes people to stop “shining.” In the episodes of Super Drags, Lady Elza is always putting together a plan to achieve her goal, in which the superheroines are always called to help. This whole plot may seem absurd, but believe me: they are serious subjects, masked in the form of humor, which ultimately awakens the conscience of those who watch this production.

The humorous trait with subjects that are of extreme importance for the LGBT cause is not by chance. It is known that a message has better absorption of the public when it treats it with lightness and a more accentuated humor. Super Drags does not disappoint in this sense and it delivers a high-level production that ends up suiting every audience, although it seems something very directed. Anyone can have fun with the adventures of the three drag queens and laugh out loud with the “infallible plans” of the main villain. In addition, the production is very well written, knowing how to use the “LGBT slangs” at the right time, without tiring or irritating the audience.

An important job

One can say, then, that Super Drags is the kind of animation made to provoke. Being directed to adults (there are sexual jokes, therefore it is not recommended for children, a subject that even led to a discussion between Netflix and some children’s psychology societies), this series shows a bit of the LGBT reality in an encrypted way: who is in contact with this environment will understand immediately, but, those who aren’t, will need to follow the story from beginning to end to understand the whole message.

Therefore, Super Drags deserves a place of honor in the Netflix catalog. Being produced by Brazilians, bringing up a bit of LGBT everyday life in a humorous way and valuing their talents, which ranges from veteran drag queen Silvetty Montilla to singer Pabllo Vittar, this production lavishes talent and is capable of carrying a message of positivity, hope and unity among all – and let us agree, with the political moment Brazilians are about to cross, this kind of flag needs (and should) be lifted.

Images and additional information about Super Drags Netflix

Synopsis 1: A fether boa of truth. A condom force field. Magic gaydar devices. These superheroes have all the weapons they need to fight evil.

Synopsis 2: In this adult animated series three gay co-workers lead doubles lives as drag queens superheroes, saving the LGBTQ community from evil meneses.

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2018


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