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Terrorism Close Calls Netflix – Review

The series Terrorism Close Calls describes perfectly how some of the greatest tragedies in our recent history have been avoided by the actions of a few well-trained people – and also with the help of luck (watch here).

What we see here are the descriptions of attacks that were frustrated thanks to the diligence of these people, who had to run against the time to be able to prevent the death of hundreds of innocent people.

The work of so-called “counter-terrorism” is arduous and very dangerous. People who set out to avoid such disasters, usually caused by religious extremists, are always subjected to all kinds of stress and exhaustion. In this series, we meet some of these guys who, despite everything, take pride in the work they’ve done. Not to mention that the action of each of them helped to avoid hundreds of deaths, which would happen for nothing.

How to catch a terrorist

In each episode of Terrorism Close Calls we meet a trained agent who managed to thwart the plans of some terrorist or some organization that had as its goal to liquidate as many people as possible. The stories are the most diverse: preventing the bombing of a mosque or a public building, capturing suicide bombers at public events, etc.

They are brave people, who demonstrate the coldness necessary to do the right thing even in a situation where the danger is imminent. The chapters of Terrorism Close Calls are filled with interviews with these people, as well as some dramatization of the events through montages, which leaves the viewer tense and nervous – and relieved, because at the end of each episode it is noticed that the terrorist plan was dismantled and avoided.

However, it is inevitable to think about what would have happened had the plans for containment of these attacks failed. Certainly, world politics would be totally different, since several targets were important and symbolic places for world peace. Terrorist groups always seek to target these symbols, to reach not only the people, but also the peace organizations that are on the planet. The plan is always to destabilize in the name of some distorted cause, typical of those organizations we are tired of reading in the newspapers.

Genuine heroism

While there is a clear focus on US agents and the United States as a whole, forcing a somewhat exaggerated nationalism, Terrorism Close Calls is an excellent show for anyone interested in this topic. Far from having a charm in the James Bond way, the secret agents assigned to the most important missions are normal people, with fears and yearnings in case of failing their demands. It is a genuine heroism that saves real lives.

This is a series of action, but instead of scenes rehearsed with the typical Hollywood’s special effects, we follow the journey of people who took real actions to save lives, which could have been used as an excuse for a totally meaningless war. By preventing the creation of chemical bombs or armed attacks in various parts of the world, these men succeeded in preventing a radicalism that tends to involve everyone.

Trailer and additional information about Terrorism Close Calls Netflix

Synopsis 1: Stopping terrorists’most deadly plots requires smart surveillance, international cooperation – and a little bit of luck.

Synopsis 2: Law enforcement officials loock back on attempted attacks that were tharted in the nick of time.

Release year: 2018


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