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The Casketeers Netflix – Review

The Casketeers proves that little things in life are funnier than death. It may seem morbid to say such a thing, but if you stop to think, the finitude of our existence can be seen as a big joke. In this reality show, which debuts now on Netflix, we have a funeral home that faces its work with good humor, far from the image of the mourning that permeates that moment (watch here).

But do not think that there is, in this case, the lack of melodrama typical of productions that speak about the hour of death. Despite being a comedy reality show, there are truly thrilling moments in The Casketeers. There are only six episodes, which cause this duality between laughter and tears, but that in the end is a good reality show with a nice message to deliver.

Family business

The show presents the routine of a couple who cares for a Maōri funeral home. Francis and Kaora Tipene are the kind of people you would invite to a dinner party or to spend the end of the year at your house. Absurdly friendly and always with a smile on their face, the couple is always trying to deal with the sad situation of death with good humor, and most of the time they succeed. As funeral directors, they need to understand how death affects people: parents, siblings, husbands and wives, relatives, etc. And the calm and the patience with which they treat people and the respect for the dead are moving.

Their funeral routine is quite busy. They always make a point of emphasizing pride by the Maōri origin, something they do not give up. We end up getting to know them intimately as people, and also follow the adventures (and misadventures) of a job like that. Everything happens: wrong body at the funeral, coffins tests, objects forgotten at the time of burial … there is always something unexpected, but they can solve it with enough aplomb.

The Casketeers, therefore, has a tremendous value as a reality comedy show, but it also has its share of drama. There isn’t a way to not get emotional with the stories of people passing through the funeral home, as well as those of their families. Not even Francis and Kaora can contain themselves in some of the moments. It is very emotional, uplifting, and they always do their best to respect and give a worthy ending to the remains of those people who were important to their relatives and friends.

Short screen time

The defect of The Casketeers is to have only six episodes. Now that’s unfortunate. We are so fond of the protagonists, their problems and dilemmas that we wish more episodes of this series to be produced as soon as possible.

For now, we must settle down. The Casketeers is a series that you can marathon quickly, but that will be missed when it ends. It warms up the heart to meet people so friendly and respectful, those you know will handle the situation the right way when the end finally comes.

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Some additional information about The Casketeers Netflix

Synopsis 1: Maori funeral directors Francis and Kaiora Tipene and staff temper good humor with care and respect as they help Polynesian families cope with loss.

Synopsis 2: Māori funeral directors Francis and Kaiora Tipene and staff temper good humor with care and respect as they help Polynesian families cope with loss.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018.


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