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The Crew Netflix – Review

Movies like The Crew have been getting harder and harder to find (watch here). It’s an assault movie that does not focus specifically on “work,” but rather on relationships between the people who make up the gang of thieves.

In the case of this movie, which now comes on Netflix despite being produced in 2015, it’s about a family that needs to keep closer together after one of its members makes a mistake that can put everyone at risk.

So, the focus here is not on the money or material goods that the result of big thefts can provide. What is at the heart of this accelerated plot is family protection, the union between people for the same purpose (in this case, trying to undo a huge problem caused by one of them) and also the pleasure that overturning armored cars and the emotion of transgressing the law gives these misfit people, that, after all, have a very rigid code of ethics. The result is a bustling, often funny, movie that also has well-directed action scenes, with actors who are mostly in their best shape.

Run and gun

The Crew, directed by Julien Leclercq, follows the story of Yanis, who is the leader of a ‘large scale’ assailants’ gang that have their base in Paris. The most part of his people is his family, and they have a great pleasure in practicing these thefts successfully. They are really good at what they do. Until one day, Yanis’ brother sells a very dangerous weapon that should have been discarded after a group action. It ends up falling into the hands of some sort of rival gang, who wants to blame them for a series of actions with victims in the city. Now, they need to come together to prevent this from happening.

The pace is accelerated from the start, and the theft scenes are spectacular. They are well thought out, well written and directed with mastery, allowing the viewer to join the gang in each of the missions. When the problem that moves the plot occurs, we embark together on Yanis’ attempt to prevent the worst from happening to himself and his family. And with it The Crew puts itself in gear and becomes a carousel of bombastic events, that surely will give much pleasure and satisfaction to who is fan of this type of feature.

There are lots of run and gun orchestrated competently, but you have to be careful not to get lost. The Crew is the type of film that, if you blink for a very long time, you may miss a good action scene or some information extremely relevant to the story development. You must be aware to follow the path of Yanis and his people, because the – quite engaging – ending is a cathartic climax that has its origins in the best American action films.

But not only that

Fortunately, The Crew is not just about that. The performance of all the actors is very well balanced, but it is necessary to emphasize the work of Shane Bouajila, that interprets Yanis. The guy excels in the shoes of the group’s leader, who acts as father and commander, and who has to make up lost ground so that his family is not killed. Despite being an action movie, there is a good acting job here.

The Crew has its flaws, of course (it’s funny that all the action scenes tend to happen on virtually deserted roads, even though they’re on the outskirts of Paris), but it’s a fairly competent diversion that promises to entertain by a couple of hours – and fortunately it succeeds.

Trailer and additional information about The Crew Netflix

Synopsis 1: When it comes to armed robbery, this crew is the best. But one small mistake may have just made this job their last.

Synopsis 2: After an unexpected misstep, a crew of skilled Parisian robbers find themselves forced to carry out a daring heist for a powerful crime organization.

Release year: 2018


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