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The Degenerates Netflix – Review

As the very oveview of The Degenerates on the Netflix website says, the six comedians called for this special explore the brutal and obscene side of humor (watch here).

Anyone who reads such a text thinks that it is one of those horrible shows, full of gratuitous profanity and offenses without any sense, like a Danilo Gentili, a brazilian comedian, show, for example. Fortunately, as far as this work is concerned, nothing can be further from the truth.

The protagonists of The Degenerates are veteran comedians, who exploit with great competence a more difficult side of the art of making people laugh: to make fun of topics that are taboo, like sex (in a conservative society), for example. In this aspect, they all do very well. This short Netflix series, with each of the comedians having only half an hour to get laughs from the public, is one of the few that can make a person laugh out loud, maybe for being embarrassed about the subjects, but never falling into the temptation to be cheap for free.

Six affronted artists

In The Degenerates, each of the six artists has a chance to shine with their outrageous and completely out-of-the-box jokes. Big Jay Oakerson, Yamaneika Saunders, Joey Diaz, Liza Treyger, Brad Williams and Christina P. form an incredible team. They use every minute of the special to satirize much of the taboos, male and female, that haunt society in general and their favorite subject: sex.

The jokes are dirty, and are not for every kind of public. Many more sensitive people can watch the special and not like it, considering the text of the humorous slang. And in fact, they do not do any ceremony with the language. However, the comedy they practice is not intended to offend some minority group, but to make fun of the society hypocrisy – as a whole – on various subjects that nobody likes to talk about.

The six artists are affronted, not afraid to face a controversial subject. They are not afraid to displease the audience – they know that many of the people who feel offended are the ones who recognize themselves as the victims of the accurate jokes that they shoot on stage. The special, recorded in June 2018 in the city of Las Vegas, is always with the stage visibly crowded. They are people who are willing to face their own prejudices and shame, in the form of the acid and seemingly coarse humor of the sextet.

Rudeness only in appearance

But this rudeness of The Degenerates is just an appearance. In fact, it’s a huge criticism of how we are as individuals and as society as well. Behind each joke lies a poninted finger at the faces of people who are certainly offended by some of these people’s insights. In this way, this special reveals itself as one of Netflix funniest and most enlightening show currently available in the catalog.

Of course, it’s not the kind of comedy you would watch with your parents or family. The Degenerates brings together the people with the dirtiest mouth of the United States from YouTube channels, podcasts and stages. By giving half an hour for each of them to fire their firecrackers in the face of the public, Netflix dares – with a calculated risk, of course. There is an audience for this type of comedy: aggressive, scathing, harassing and intelligent.

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Trailer and additional information about The Degenerates Netflix

Synopsis 1: Six comics. One Sin City stage. Get ready for a night of stand-up so wrong, it could come only from Vegas.

Synopsis 2: Six stand-ups explore the coarse and salacious side of comedy in this series of half-hour specials. For mature audiences.

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2018


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