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The Final Table Netflix: A Global Cooking Competition – Review

Gastronomic competitions like The Final Table Netflix: A Global Cooking Competition can be seen everywhere. Even in the Netflix catalog there are some series with the same theme, which is a success on TV. Let’s take “MasterChef” as an example, it charms the audience with a mixture of adrenaline and good food.

However, in this new series that comes to the Netflix catalog, this junction of entertainment with gastronomy seems more certain (watch here).

It doesn’t have big differences comparing to other competitions of the type that are available out there. The biggest attractive is in its shape: in each episode, participants need to replicate – when not recreating – a cuisine from a different country. Nine nations are featured in The Final Table: A Global Cooking Competition, in which the complexity drives the competitors crazy. What seems easy doesn’t necessarily is. Who has fun with this is us, the public.

Race against time

In The Final Table: A Global Cooking Competition, a team of cooks needs to face the clock and their difficulties to be able to finish the challenges. Each of them has a reason to participate in the game, and in each episode, we get to know the story of a different player. From public acclaim to the desire to improve life, participants put themselves to replicate dishes they often have never heard of. With the clock running, they need to learn fast. The race against time is relentless.

The show, hosted by Andrew Knowlton, forces competitors to push their own limits and, in many cases, go against everything they’ve learned about cooking to finish the challenges that are being proposed. The reality show is very agile and always brings guests who, by understanding the cuisine of the country in question, bring much information in their judgments that we ourselves can use to learn more about food we may not know very well.

A good example is the episode dedicated to Japanese cuisine. As much as it is admired by the whole world, it has many peculiarities that make it very difficult to reproduce. This takes the participants of The Final Table by surprise, and the invited guest judges do not relieve at any moment: they point out the failures without mercy. This makes us realize that having experience and training in cooking does not enable a professional to reproduce every type of meal.

The most demanding palates on the planet

In The Final Table, chefs need to please the most demanding palates on the planet, that understand the subject addressed in each episode. And that, of course, isn’t easy. While we watch, we get to feel sorry for the participants, by seeing the rush it is to finish a plate, only for it to be fully criticized by the jury. Professionals who submit to this competition are in search, not only of a prize, but of greater recognition for their talents.

As entertainment, The Final Table: A Global Cooking Competition is a great show. In addition to showing us the cuisine of different countries, many of which we don’t know, it also entertains with the competition between already renowned chefs, generating an ego fight that for us that see it “from the outside” is quite amusing. In the end, this reality show surpasses its predecessors, in all aspects.

Trailer and additional information about The Final Table Netflix: A Global Cooking Competition

Synopsis 1: Nine nations, 24 brilliant chefs and a smorgasbord of global celebrities. Welcome to a fierce new cooking competition.

Synopsis 2: Teams of elite chefs vie to impress the world’s toughest palates as they whip up iconic dishes from nine nations in this star-packed competition.

Age rating: Everyone;

Release year: 2018.


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