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The Judgement Netflix – Review

The message of this new eastern series that has entered the Netflix catalog, The Judgement, is quite clear: bullying can lead people to commit violent acts and have revenge thoughts, even those who are the most peaceful (watch here).

This production shows a clear relation of action and consequence in the life of a student who has an intimate video shared in social networks. With that, we follow how this is reflected in her personal and social life, and how the sense of horror grows until it becomes unstoppable.

This is the second series that, in a way, tackles the same theme to debut on the streaming platform. Recently, “Girl from Nowhere” also brought a discussion about how this type of situation directly affects life in the school environment. While in that series we see the consequences of humiliating teenagers, here we go into university classes to see the destruction of a young woman’s life – and how she deals with it.

Shattered traditions

In the series, we follow the trajectory of Lookkaew, a girl very popular for her beauty and who has a comfortable life: her father and stepmother protect her from the so-called “dangers of the world”. She studies in a very traditional college and has a rich boyfriend, called Aud. He’s the one who ends up leading her to a bottomless pit. Aud invites her to a party where she gets drunk, waking up the next day without knowing what happened – except for videos and photos that begin to emerge. Although it is clear she was raped, she does not recognize it and tries to get on with her normal life. However, she did not expect this material to leak and her life to turn upside down.

As you know, Thailand – where the series was produced – has a very traditional society. Therefore, The Judgement also serves as a vehicle to show the hypocrisies of people who live by appearances, stuck to a scheme where they can’t make a mistake or “get off the rails”. But that’s just the background: The main story is that of Lookkaew, her rape, and how social networks and the internet can be a gunpowder fuse for an explosion that can affect the lives of several people in a definitive way. The crime shown is shocking and the way the girl is exposed is cruel. The worst is to know that this really happens, and many lives are destroyed because of it.

The Judgement also helps to show how traditions can be shattered, when humanity (or the lack of) shows its dirtiest face. Lookkaew had a practically perfect and comfortable life, until presented to the horror of an extreme situation, where the lack of empathy can lead to terrible consequences, which she ends up experiencing. And also how people can use the internet as a vehicle for propagating half-truths, when not full lies.

Huge contrasts

In general, the production of The Judgement is very competent. The script walks among the huge contrasts of Thai culture, which has traditionalism as appearance, but which can also contain rot and evil inside. We see this without exaggeration, neither linguistic nor visual, because the series is directed in a competent way, without appealing to strong graphics. Even the rape scene is done with care.

The greatest attraction of this production is to keep up with the aftermath of that troubled, liquor-fueled night. Lookkaew needs to deal with the shame and judgment of people she considered to be her friends. It is always good to watch out for the people you trust blindly – at the first opportunity they may turn against you, having the invaluable help of the internet, this land that apparently remains lawless anywhere on the planet.

Trailer and additional information about The Judgement Netflix

Synopsis 1: A shocking betrayal. A spiral of scorn. Her college life is becoming a nightmare – and pushing her closer to the brink.

Synopsis 2: After a traumatic incident at a party makes her a target of gossip and derision, a young college student tries to change her school’s toxic culture.

Age rating: 16

Release year: 2018


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