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The Kominsky Method Netflix – Review

The Kominsky Method joins two of the greatest Hollywood constellation’s stars: Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. Next to them is Chuck Lorre, producer and screenwriter responsible for big hits on open TV in recent years, such as “The Big Bang Theory”, “Mom” or “Two and a Half Men”.

With such a team, it would be impossible for a series to go wrong. The production meets all expectations and is one of the second half of the year’s most pleasant surprises of the Netflix catalog (watch here).

And the narrative line of it is quite simple, but very touching: the pains and the delights of getting old. Douglas and Arkin play two long-time friends who grow old together and share the dramatic but often funny experience of how much age affects a person’s day-to-day life. It is at this time that the people we love most begin to leave our lives and we begin to feel the effects of time. All this is shown in a way turned towards laughter – not completely, but with a mixed melancholy feeling. In general, stories like this are the best ones possible.

Grumpy old men

The two men who are at the heart of The Kominsky Method could not be more different regarding their personalities. While Sandy Kominski, the role of Michael Douglas, is a successful actor who has achieved fame in Hollywood, his agent and best friend Norman – Alan Arkin’s role – is a common guy, more responsible and connected with his family. The partnership between them lasts for many decades, and they go into old age together. With that, the problems of Kominski’s life (the deterioration of health and vigor) and of Norman (a sick wife, the lack of motivation to work, an alcoholic daughter) arise and they must deal with these new situations.

Chuck Lorre, who created the plot of The Kominsky Method, knows how to work bittersweet stories in his series. As much as his comedy hits make the audience laugh, they often also make us think, and even cry. Here, he finally finds the perfect balance between comedy and drama, delivering an absolutely sympathetic and very well-made production. The highlight, of course, goes to the Oscar winners Douglas and Arkin, who demonstrate full mastery of the business and deliver performances that can cause tears to pour down one’s face, be it laughter, sadness or just plain emotion.

As we follow the trajectory of these two grumpy old men, we realize the importance of friendship and brotherly love in our lives. The Kominsky Method demonstrates very well how it makes a difference in people’s lives. Everyone must have friends to trust, who are ready to help in any situation. It is this force that we need when we are in trouble, or simply sad about some life event. It also shows how difficult it is to grow old – not always accepted by people. However, if you know how to take life more lightly, everything becomes easier.

A likely success

This new series was not much publicized by Netflix, which probably must have been a strategy to surprise audiences, as it was done at the release of “Grace and Frankie”, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin who have narrative similarities with this series. Judging by this example, The Kominsky Method will be a likely success.

And it will be deserved. Few productions are so sensitive in portraying a lasting friendship and old age as The Kominsky Method, that there is no doubt of this story’s power in captivating people, of any age. This series is sensational and should have a lot more media attention from its second season, which will surely come.

Trailer and additional information about The Kominsky Method Netflix

Synopsis 1: Life’s third act has thrown them a few curveballs. But their friendship only gets better with age.

Synopsis 2: Acting coach Sandy Kominsky and best friend Norman Newlander keep each other laughing as they navigate the ups and downs of getting older.

Age rating: 14;

Release year: 2018


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