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The Last Kingdom Season 3 Netflix – Review

The first two seasons of The Last Kingdom have been hugely successful in England in recent years (watch here). It aired for the first time in 2016 and now reaches its third part, which also opens the launch partnership with Netflix. The BBC’s production thus reaches a gigantic audience worldwide, taking the story of a king’s struggle to unify his country – a conflict filled with blood and betrayals.

In this new installment of episodes, The Last Kingdom enters an acute period of English history. This stage is shown with the same technical competence that was seen in its previous seasons. In fact, it seems that there is a greater attention to the visual and the details, besides a better technical expertise in the construction of long-ago England. With that, the series finally becomes an audiovisual experience worthy of a cinema screen.

A fierce conflict

The third season of The Last Kingdom deepens the moral dilemmas of King Alfred, who intends to unify the English kingdoms, but who finds a huge problem in the constant and ceaseless attacks made by the Danes, interested in taking his crown. At the same time, there is the dilemma of Uhtred, a warrior loyal to Alfred, but who was raised by the Danes and who therefore faces an ethical problem in this bloody struggle: which side to pick? Obviously, the war becomes fierce, making the two protagonists have the need to make decisions urgently – and decide their personal destinies, as well as that of England as a whole.

To complicate matters, King Alfred’s illness is further aggravated. But knowing that he is the only one who can contain the Danes with his leadership over his own army, he must resist until all is settled. We, viewers, feel distressed over this delicate situation in which Alfred does his utmost to stand in front of his people and lead the coming war.

This fierce conflict permeates the third season of The Last Kingdom from beginning to end. There is almost no time to breathe: in the first episode we are thrown in the middle of the conflict, besides also beginning to understand the moral questions that surround the mind of the two protagonists: King Alfred and the warrior Uhtred. Those who have followed the previous seasons will notice the difference: here, there is more action in place of the palatial conspiracies, which in many cases could give a lukewarm air to the production. With the inclusion of great battles, the series gains in agility.

Big battles in The Last Kingdom Netflix

And speaking of battles, The Last Kingdom does not skimp when it comes to portraying these scenes. The fights are very well reproduced and give us the impression of being with the warriors on the battlefield. Merits of the series’ direction, that skillfully inserts us in the conflicts as if we were members of the army, be it English or Danish.

By also bringing some interesting subplots, such as Uhtred’s saga to avenge a major death – revealing it here would be a huge spoiler, so if you haven’t seen the previous two seasons, you’d better run – that will affect your final decision of which army to defend in this battle, The Last Kingdom is a perfect production for those who like medieval themes, gigantic battles and moral dilemmas that lead to conspiracies, betrayals and death.

Additional information about The Last Kingdom Netflix

Synopsis 1: Vikings kills his Saxon father and raise him as one of their own. In wartime, divides loyalties are perilous.

Synopsis 2: As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred – born a Saxon but raised by Vikings – seeks to claim his ancestral birthright.

Age rating: 18;

Release year: 2018.


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