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The Queen Of Flow Netflix – Review

In The Queen Of Flow, the maxim “nothing can be more dangerous than a hurt woman” is proved (watch here).

This Colombian production shows how a woman who is unfairly arrested seeks revenge against the people who took everything she valued most in her life, even after almost 20 years.

This is the story we follow: while it has an ambience and acting that are very reminiscent of evening soap operas, the plot is full of surprising twists that refer to the best works of Netflix itself.

The production, made for Colombia’s Caracol Televisión channel, has the power to fascinate the viewer by bringing good interpreters for charismatic characters, who at the same time are quite ambiguous. Once you start watching The Queen Of Flow you will hardly be able to stop. It is a well-written soap, with clever and well-directed dialogues, which has its revenge story quite delineated, to the point of leaving us addicted waiting for the next chapter.

Injustice and revenge

The story, scripted mostly by Said Chamie and Claudia Sánchez, follows the saga of Yeimy Montoya, an aspiring singer and songwriter who aims to achieve success. At the same time, she is completely in love with a guy named Charly, who is a good singer but a bad composer. He, realizing what she feels for him and being absolutely ambitious, intends to use her to get to the top of the charts. In addition to relying on Yeimy’s talent, he also uses his uncle’s influence, who is a powerful narco-trafficker, to get money for recordings and travels. However, Yeimy discovers this connection and reproves Charly’s methods, causing him to decide to get her out of the way, setting her up for traffic. Seventeen years later, she leaves the jail through an agreement made with the police to disrupt the cartel that took her to prison.

Seeing the opportunity to take revenge, Yeimy accepts. Now, in possession of a new identity, she intends to take revenge on people who, in addition to conspiring to her unjust imprisonment, cruelly killed her parents. As you can see, The Queen Of Flow has the typical plot of Latin American productions, always remembering a classic soap opera. And this is the greatest feature of this production: it embraces exaggeration to entertain without guilt.

And much of this endeavor’s success lies in its actors. María Jose Vargas plays Yeimy as a naive girl in the beginning of the journey, but then becomes cold and vengeful, ready to end the people who made her go through so much suffering. This transformation is visible not only in the appearance of her character, but also in her ways: as a young woman, she seems to be a looser, freer and broader person; after so many years in jail nurturing feelings of revenge, she becomes a cold person, drier and that avoids unnecessary movements, denoting greater harshness.

Talents at the story’s service

At the same time, Juan Manuel Restrepo interprets Charly, the other end of this yarn, as an egocentric, mean and malicious person that accentuates these characteristics with the passing of time. He is a guy who does whatever it takes to succeed and maintain success, and his interpreter knows quite well how to make that impression, whether with an intimidating attitude or just with a look.

Therefore, this first season of The Queen Of Flow gives opportunity for several talents to shine in the service of a provocative and strong story. The Colombian series has an impressive magnetism, and much of it is on the technical competence, ranging from the well-written script, going through a good ambiance in the assured art direction, to the actors who excels in their roles, without ever dropping the caricature.

As forceful as it may seem at times, The Queen Of Flow earns many points by not giving in to the most clichéd drama when everything points to that path. Having an impressive and enigmatic season finale, we look forward to how this will end. We’ll only know it in the second season, which is yet to debut. Until then, let’s keep this story in mind, awaiting the next events with anticipation.

Trailer and additional information about The Queen Of Flow Netflix

Synopsis 1: Revenge is a dish best served cold. But with a sizzling-hot soundtrack.

Synopsis 2: Seventeen years after being wrongly imprisioned, a talented songwriter seeks justice against the man who caused her downfall and killed her family.

Release year: 2018


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